Diamond Tuck Upholstery

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Diamond Tuck Upholstery

  • Just thought I'd share a project that pertains to the Interior forum.

    I've always hated the interior tub for the '65 Malibu wagon. Talk about typical '60 engineering...heck it wasn't even good for then.

    While trying to figure out what to do, I spotted the diamond tuck interior in the AMT '62 Pontiac Catalina...the custom version has it and the detail here is fantastic!

    Good thing I had two of this kit...it took part of everything to make this happen. I cut down both rear seats and added some material where needed to make one of them into a front seat. The door panels were simply made from the Cat's door panels, cut down. I had to remove the vent window handles, but that was it. The kick panels and the panel between the doors were made from sheet plastic. The front seats became the new rear cargo area.

    The whole thing is done in pearl white and dark blue. I wish this picture did it justice, but you'll get the idea.


    The car it goes in is mostly old school mild custom.


    Comments and criticisms are always welcome...just don't yell at me I don't like that.Big Smile
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  • You`ve done a great job on that.....that was a good idea. I also checked out the other pics in your album....fantastic work! I especially like this wagon and the Monte Carlo!
    (P.S.----Dont worry about anyone yelling at you!! If they do, ignore them!!!Big Smile)
  • You did a great job there. Looks real comfy (LOL). Checked out your other work as well, it all looks fantastic. I esecialy dig the c-900.

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  • Very nice bit of kit bashing
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  • Thanks guys...

    That project was one of those anxious, explosive starts that soon turned into "oh god what have I done"...followed by countless moments of muttering to myelf that I could do it....
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  • Good job on the tuck 'n roll! Thumbs Up
    That's a lot of work and it turned out really well. Thanks for showing us, it'll prompt a few of us to try it ourselves.

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  • Looking good, man! Great colour combo, and that interior turned out superb!
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