REAL black cherry.....hows it done?

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REAL black cherry.....hows it done?

  • We all know how to do candy apple red..... candy over silver if ya want it bright.... candy over gold for a deeper red.....

    What I'm after is a deep dark (almost black with a hint of candy red) black cherry finish.

    Hows it honest to God truely done? Two out of three tell me DONT spray the candy over black... it'll sink in and be a waste of time.

    Thanks in advance..
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  • Why not just buy Black Cherry Paint? you can get this all ready to spray.
  • Spray the cherry over black. or if you like ,, metallic black. You'll be able to see it in sunlight and regular light with the metallic.

    Trick is you pretty well have to use a LOT of coats.
  • So I was right, and transparent candy red over black is the way to go, if I wanted to do it the old school way?
  • House of Kolor "Brandywine" Kandy over a "Black-Pearl" base should come close to what you're looking for. The pearl will add the sparkle without hazing the kandy. But check out "Paint Freak's" suggestion, if that isn't what you want, this will give you another option. Keep us posted on the results.

  • Yeagh paint freak is right. Black cherry is a ctual name for a color. I have abount a pint of this stuff left at my place (used to be in body shop bis) it looks really cool when applied. The kandy over black can be done but its not gonna give you the results you want if you are looking for "Black cherry"

  • it all starts with the correct PRIMER BASE

    HANG UP AND DRIVE........ Mike

  • To gove you an idea of what I meant, here's a couple pics of my '61 Lincoln.. Paint is HOC Kandy Brandywine, which is a transparent red. it's over a dark metallic grey. The first shot is outside on a cloudy day and the second one is with the sun shining on it.

    Here's the same colour over a silver base in the sun so you can see what a difference the base makes under a candy paint..
  • In the old days we used to get black cherry by spraying pearl over black then candy red over that. That way it looks very dark/black until you get the light right then you see the red because the pearl shines thru the candy color. I like it best with a gold to copper pearl.
  • use a dark grey metalic and burgandy candy over that or a darker silver