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resin odor and painting

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resin odor and painting
Posted by mishalah on Friday, January 30, 2004 5:19 PM
OK, I'm getting impatient with this resin problem.

Over the last few days I've washed this resin car in cleaner/degreaser, then dishsoap and water. No help, smell still strong. Then, 6 hour soak in Westley's Bleche White with a few srubbings during that time, wash with dishsoap, rinse, dry. Still smells VERY strong.

I have had these two kits (MG Models resin from Italy) open for over two years, trying to let them "gas out". When they are cool and open to air they seem to get better, but once they get a little warm or are closed up in their boxes or a cabinet...the smell returns.

I don't want to lay any primer or paint on these until I know for sure that whatever chemical is being released isn't going to either ruin the paint, or ruin the resin from being trapped under the paint.

What should I do next???

BTW: I bought two 1/2 gallon jugs of "Bleche White" at Wallyworld. Maybe I'm short a few brain cells from exposure, but this stuff seemed WEAK compared to what I have used on tires before. Usually, I have to keep from breathing those nasty fumes, but this stuff didn't even set off any tingles in my nose. Have they watered this stuff down???

"Help me....I've fallen and I can't get up." models are crushing me. my pics:

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Posted by Anonymous on Friday, January 30, 2004 5:48 PM
smells like Deisal fuel.
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Posted by Anonymous on Friday, January 30, 2004 5:53 PM
Here are the cleaning instructions according to my Modelhaus 2003 catalog. Modelhaus is well known resin kit maker.

"The best method for removing film is letting the parts soak for 6 to 12 hours in Westley's. Other methods for removing the film would be to thoroughly wipe the parts with Prepsol or denatured alcohol. Do not soak the parts in Prepsol or denatured alcohol. Another excellent mold release remover is a product from Por 15 called Marine Clean."

It doesn't say any thing about the smell. It also cautions not to use Scale Coat Paint remover on thier products.


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