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Real Metal Fenders-1917 to 1948

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Real Metal Fenders-1917 to 1948
Posted by Metalbender on Monday, December 23, 2019 12:50 PM


      Believe it or not you can have them. How many of you have some old disposeable roasting pans lying about? Do you have the plastic originals? Well, here's what you do. 

      Take the roasting pan(It can't have any knife or fork holes in it ) And cut it into strips double the original width of the fenders Plus 1/16". Now fold it over a steel rule. Burnish the metal down till you cannot see the seam on the open side.

       No, Do NOT Glue that edge yet. Now take it and lightly start forming it over the fender you want in metal. If it's more modern( Like if you want an old wrinkly Chevy or Ford ) Make sure the seam is on the Bottom!

      Oh, Before I forget, on the more modern ones make sure the width of the foil strip allows for the full fender. Once you have carefully and gently formed your part then do this.

       Support the fender( the original) and taking a Cuticle stick, Emboss the little ridge that's molded on the fender top surface. Be careful and don't get in a hurry. Take your time here. One full set of fenders ( Two front and Two Back) should take about six hours to do right!

      Now remember you have two tight layers of metal.On the modern fenders Cut out the inside  wheel opening less than 1/64" larger than the outside. Now fold the outside edge around and in. This gives you the thick wheel Arch edge you need. 

      On the more modern cars the burnishing takes longer to get it perfectly smooth. also the Hood opening has to be constructed of a seperate channel that is super glued or Epoxied in place . Once you've done this you can take the plastic fender off ,Oh,If you want save the kit hood opening edge you need to chamfer the top of it so the top edge of the foil sets in the chamfer and blend it in  with Epoxy.

      Then and only then, If you want a wreck, Smash it head on into the victim of your choice. Nice bent fender and it's real bent metal. OR polish to a high sheen and gently sand it wet, with 600 or 800 grit and then use regular metal primer on it .

   This can also be used to put real metal skins on Quarter panels and Doors. Try it. You'll find a whole world of different uses for those pans. Just use them clean. If  the pan was used for cooking first, wash it out with the hottest water you can stand and Dawn liquid dish Detergent and rinse thouroghly in that same hot water and AIR dry!

 Okay it's up to you now!  Autoguy 



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