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A Pair Of Painters Tips

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    August, 2016
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A Pair Of Painters Tips
Posted by jwrass14 on Sunday, February 05, 2017 3:20 AM


A Pair Of Painter’s Tips


Want cleaner paint finishes?  I first experienced this problem in about 1974 while striping a snowmobile cowl. I had cleaned the cowl with wax and grease remover, put down my grid and loaded the brush to lay some lines. When the brush got about 1” away from the surface, the paint was actually being pulled out of the brush and falling onto the surface in an amazing random pattern, it looked great, however the owner wanted lines not a wild pattern. I would wipe the paint off and attempt to lay some lines again and the same thing would happen. I cleaned the surface again and then out of blue I wiped the surface with a wet towel, I went to lay a line and the pulling of the paint out of the brush stopped.


The problem was static electricity…… When you rub any plastic surface you create a static charge. That charge has an affinity to pull dust towards the body. If you kill that charge the painted surface will be much cleaner. here’s how you kill the charge.


#1) Right before you paint, kill the static charge….. Here’s how: Mix 3 to 1, 3 parts distilled water to one-part isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol). Place this mixture in a dedicated spray bottle, mist the body inside and out with the solution then wipe clean with a micro fiber towel being careful not to over rub the surface.


You have now killed the static charge in the body, eliminating the possibility of the body pulling dust towards the surface. Net result…. A cleaner pant job!


#2) When wet sanding place your water in a container and add a few drops of Ivory liquid dish washing soap (original scent). Ivory has long been the preferred soap in the custom paint world as it is oil free…. Many soaps have perfumes in them that contain oils…. Oil and Paint Equals Fisheyes. An hour before you are going sand place your sandpaper in the water/soap mixture. The dish soap acts as a lubricate making sanding more even with less effort and virtually eliminating paper loading. It also softens the paper making it more easy to handle.


I hope this pair of tips is helpful!




Respectfully Submitted,


Jimmy “RASS”




"I Have Flying Monkey's And I'm Not Afraid To Use Them"

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    January, 2017
Posted by Jim G on Sunday, February 05, 2017 9:32 AM

Jimmy, thank-you for the pro tips! Guys like you who paint for a living discover things that the rest of us would never find, and it is great that you take the time to share them with us! I for one really appreciate it.

Jim G

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    August, 2016
  • From: Wisconsin
Posted by jwrass14 on Tuesday, February 07, 2017 7:53 AM


Thank You! I plan on posting more T&Ts and some Tutorals as well. My goal is one a week. I think the content will be interesting.... Stay tuned!

Jimmy "RASS"

"I Have Flying Monkey's And I'm Not Afraid To Use Them"


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