Sequence Lights

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Sequence Lights

  • Hi everyone. I want to build KITT from Knight Rider and wanted to put in the lights that were on the car, the moving lights that were on the front but I dont know what to do, if it is possible at all.  Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks..Rui

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  • the aoshima kitt kit comes with the lights

  • If you want to stretch your brain and start learning something about electronics, this is a good place to start. Then you can say you made it yourself.

    Try this for a beginning, if you're interested.

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  • where can i get just the light kit itself, without the model?

  • Search the web.

    Perhaps if you posted in the "Where Can I Get" (as was suggested in a reply to another errant post) you might get better results.

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  • Her you go: