Hello all!

I've been trying to find decals of the "Santa Muerte" window stencils that are often seen on cars and trucks in the Southern US states bordering Mexico. I considered using inkjet/laser decal paper, but it seems it would be extremely difficult to cut the decal out. Inkjets can't print white, unless you have a very expensive printer, so I'd have to carefully cut out a very complicated shape. Another option would be to mask the shape onto the window and airbrush white over it, which would probably be just as difficult.

The internet has not been all that helpful since a search for "santa muerte decals" pulls up lots of links about cults, gangs, etc etc and the occasional company selling 1:1 scale decals.

So, is there anyone selling decal sheets with low rider or gangster themes? And apologies if this topic has already been covered or if I posted in the wrong forum.


Michael M