Lacing up wheels

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Lacing up wheels

  • Has anyone ever tried respoking a wheel ? If so would like to know how you do it ?
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  • I've replaced spokes on bicycle wheels and that was a pain in the proverbial to get them true.
    What scale?
    Wire spokes or cast?

    In both cases some sort of jig would make things easier. It would hold the hub central to the rim and maintain correct offset.

    Try to find someone who has built a Pocher car kit. Some of them have spoked wheels you have to lace up.

    It's the 21st Century. Where's my Jet Pack & Flying Car? On the bench - detritus mainly.

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  • While not "motorcycle specific", here's a how-to from the Straight Line Modelers about making fromt wire wheels for drag cars. I'd say the same principles apply!
  • Dave,
    Great how-to Big Smile Think I'll try it out with some early Ford wheels on my next build. Thanks!
  • Wow! I have to stop coming here and looking at this stuff...

    ...I'll never get a model done...

  • Thanks for the info guys and Dave I've taking a look at the site and will be trying it out on an old 1/8 bike wheel from my parts box. Let you know how things go.
  • Wow, nice link.

    0.01 inch rod works out as 3mm thick spokes in 1/12 which is about right.

    It's the 21st Century. Where's my Jet Pack & Flying Car? On the bench - detritus mainly.

    Ninjas don't have pockets.

  • Now that's what I've been looking for too.
    A side from building plastic models , I build turn of the century R/C aircraft too. I've been looking for some real light weight spoke wheels for some of my builds and was thinking of trying my hand at makeing my own.
    That site is and going to be a big help.
    I thank you too for the info.
  • Very cool, guys. I'm happy that the link was helpful.

  • Thanks for the info, Dave - all I gotta do now is come up with the intestinal fortitude to try it!!!
  • Hello folks,
    this is my method for lacing up wheels:
    First I remove the drum brakes or wheel centers.

    Next thing to do is to drill the holes for the new spokes:

    The old plastic spokes show the way and angle..

    To center the rim and in this case drum brake I make a jig out of sheet with a
    center axle:

    Now to the fun part: the spoking process. The spoke ends are made of brass tube with a diameter of 0.8mm outside and 0.5mm inside. I use another jig for cutting the tube in the right lenght.
    Spokes for 1/8 or 1/9 scale are made of 0.45 mm stainless steel insect pins.
    For smaller scales like 1/12 or even 1/16 I use 0.3mm stainless steel rod and spoke ends out of vinyl tube.

    Here´s a finished wheel for a 1/16 scale Harley Davidson Model F form Aoshima/Entex

    And Yes the wheel is perfectly centered, it is just the camera angle that makes it look like this..

    Hope it looks convincing!

    Try It!

    The report in German can be found here:

  • Another example of respoking is at

  • Uli............

    May I enquire as to where you found the insect pins and brass tube? - I trawled the net and had no luck at all, the only guy I contated stopped responding to my e-mails once he found out I wanted them for modelling purposs rather then the intended ones - strange!
    I suspect you may be based within Europe? - and I checked out the site you posted. Excellent, I wish I could have done more than just look at the pictures though [My German only amounts to just the few words that I shouldn't use anyway!!]

    Here's a pic' I posted recently of my only attempt at lacing a motorcycle wheel - as you can see you'll recognise the basis of the model as the Werner cycle.


    Here's a link to possibly the best M/c site on the web ............ "Kimshouse"
    It's all in Japanese but the pic's do all the talking. A mind blowing selection of Motorcycle models of all scales........... here's a tip though...............
    when viewing a particular model, if you scroll down there's usually a red bar about half way - click this and it takes you to the build album. Be prepared to spend several hours at this site, it's one of the few I revisit regularly just to see what he's done next.

    All the best for now...................... Andi
  • Hello Andi,
    if you search the web for entomology suppliers you will find some adresses for the pins like this:
    The brass tube is from a RC model shop, also the 0.3mm rod. Unfortunatly I haven´t found a 0.45mm rod, would be much cheaper than the insect pins.

    I know the website of Kinichi Karube KIMSHOUSE. Actually I get many inspirations from this site. I love his models and building style.

  • Still organizing all the parts i will need to lace my first wheel. Was at the LHS today and asked some questions about spoke material and a member of the staff appeared with K&S Brass rod and also piano wire in different sizes .020" up to .045" , 36" long. They use this for train lay outs and some use for spokes for RC aircrafts wheels and suspension. Tried bending piano wire and cutting some, proved tobe very fragile and hard to cut ,so I quess it will be brass to use. Also was suggested as it is my first attempt not to remove all the spokes, that way I will not lose my center point and to us the same pattern as the kits wheel.