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Bike turns off mid ride and won't turn on

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Bike turns off mid ride and won't turn on
Posted by carterturner on Wednesday, September 06, 2017 9:25 AM


I'm a new motorcycle rider.

Two days ago I purchased a used 2005 Suzuki Boulevard S40 with only 8,700 miles on it. 

While riding it today I hit a bump, I kept on going until a traffic light and hit the clutch to cruise to a halt. As soon as I hit the clutch the engine stopped. I tried re-starting it but it would only sputter as if it would come on any second but didn't.

After panicking, I turned the fuel valve to Res (at that point I had no idea what I was doing) and it started. While the bike was on I turned the fuel valve back to fuel (on) and got going.

At the next traffic light while squeezing the clutch same thing happened. This happened one more time until I decided to just keep the fuel valve switched to Res. From then on I had no problem with riding it except of a few misfires (not sure if that is normal).


A few extra details. The tank is full, when I bought it the dealer said they did a complete check and installed a new battery.

I just checked again (about an hour after getting home) and the engine starts off fine again when the valve is set to fuel. However, the engine seems to misfire whenever I release the throttle and don't press the clutch (when in neutral, no clue what happens when I would be in gear), and while in neutral every now and then it sounds like it is about to die on me (as if the engine is cold)

Does anyone know what the problem could be (such as maybe a problem with the vaccum), and potentially how much it would cost to fix?

Please help.




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