MPC 1/16 scale 1982 Trans Am

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MPC 1/16 scale 1982 Trans Am

  • I just recently purchased one of these on ebay. I did a search here on all the forums but have found only buildups of the 1/25 scale model. Has anyone out there built this kit, and if so do you have any pics? The kit is nice in that it has parts to build a basic Firebird or the T-Top Trans Am. The engine that comes with it is the cross-fire 305. This kit could be built as any 82 thru 84 Firebird, however decals are not included for the hood bird which came on '83 and later cars. Keith Marks does not have anything for third gen cars. I may have to create my own graphic for the hood. Anyway, I was just hoping to find someone else out there with this kit.

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    I have one of those unbuilt. However, I built a Revell Kit of this car back in 1983, and surprisingly, I still have it, built and on my shelf. I should phohtgraph it and post it, but not under your thread.
  • I look forward to seeing it. Did you like the quality and features of the Revell kit over the MPC? I find that the MPC kit is going to need a lot of work to make it look good for the scale it is.

  • the one i've got i think is a 86 t/a that i haven't built yet

  • You have an '86 that is the large 1/16 scale? That is awesome! Who makes it? Maybe I can find one of those on the 'bay.

  •  i just checked, it's an 87 GTA 1/16 scale. it has a broken A pillar but is complete.