Mopar elastomeric bumpers

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Mopar elastomeric bumpers

  • I was just wondering which colors were available with elastomeric bumpers on our beloved Muscle Mopars : 70&71 Cudas, 70 Challengers, 71 Chargers&Roadrunners...

    I believe they were combined most High Impact colors. I've seen so many of them in Rallye red, Lemon twist or Sassy grass green, but never in Gold leaf or Formal black...

    Is there any chart or does any expert (Hi Fury3 Big Smile) know ?

    Thanks guys Thumbs Up

    Ya, I am a Maniak !

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  • I'm not 100% sure but I think your right. I checked my reference books and nothing I think an expert like Fury3 is going to be your best bet. I've seen a B5 or B7 '71 Charger with the elastomeric bumpers and the '71 'Cuda has me stumped you see them with chrome bumpers and body colour grilles, elastomeric bumpers and argent silver grilles, elastomeric bumpers and body colour grille and front elastomeric and rear chrome ? I'm just as confused as you are. Sales brouchures would help here to. But being mopars anythings possible!
  • The info I have is incomplete, but here is what I have.
    1970 Barracuda / 'cuda:
    EB5 Bright Blue metallic
    FC7 In Violet metallic
    FE5 Rallye Red
    EF8 Ivy Green metallic
    FJ5 Limelight
    FK5 Deep Burnt Orange metallic
    EW1 Alpine White
    TX9 Black Velvet
    FY1 Lemon Twist
    Rallye Red is the ONLY color listed for rear elastomeric bumper
    1971 Barracuda / 'cuda : no info
    1970 Challenger : no info
    1971 Challenger :
    GB5 Bright Blue metallic
    GY3 Citron Yella
    EV2 Hemi Orange
    FJ6 Green Go
    1971 Road Runner / GTX : no info
    1971 Charger / Super Bee :
    GB5 Bright Blue metallic
    GY3 Citron Yella
    EV3 Hemi Orange
    FJ6 Green Go
    FC7 Plum Crazy
    71 Charger/Super Bee elastomeric bumpers N/A with consealed headlights (flip ups)
    I'm sure Fury 3 has a more complete list, the source I'm using is notoriously WRONG. But, what I have included IS correct, just incomplete. I'm digging for more reference and might update....... There are 3 things that will survive anything. Cockroaches, Keith Richards, and Slant 6 Dusters. "I'm not trying to change anybody's mind about anything, I'm just trying to ease my mind about everything" - Todd Snider
  • On note on the 71 Chargers. They have painted bumpers as an option on the R/T and Superbee and not with the hidden headlight option. They aren't covered with elastomeric. Both front and rears are just painted without being chromed. On the 71 GTX and Road I believe the front bumper was covered and had a little bit of a lip over the headlights but the rear bumper was just painted.
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  • I am going to wait for Fury to finally have a good list of colors for these. Viper, the Chargers and RRs did come with elastomeric bumpers. The trick is finding an actual set. They are (or at least were) impossible to find. A lot of people do like I did on my 1:1 and just sand blast and paint the chrome ones to look like the rubber ones. The RR do have a different little lip from the chrome ones. The quickest way to tell at a glance if they are the real things is to look for the jack slots in the bumpers, the elastomeric ones do not have the slots you see on the chrome ones.Big Smile
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  • The painted bumpers on the 71 Charger were the only year they were offered. If you look close you will see that they are only paint. I ordered my 71 Charger new and have looked a quite a few. The 71's didn't have the slot in the bumper. That came along in 72. You can see that in the 2 pics I posted. Also the "Chrysler Muscle Car parts interchange manual" states that on the 71 Chrome bumpers they can be interchanged with the ones with painted bumpers if you paint them the color needed.
    I still have my Charger along with some other mopars. I had the bumpers re-chromed and didn't want to buy new ones because I didn't want the slots.
    Thanks Dave.

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  • This is good informations, guys.
    Now that Revell is gonna release a (new ? ) 70 Cuda, slantasaurus's list is precious ! Thumbs Up

    My biggest problem come from 71 Cudas. I got a dozen or so of them on my bench, and wanna build them factory-correct...

    No problem with the black convert, the chrome bumpers remain. The next one is Rally red and now I know about the rear red bumper ! Great !!!
    Just wondering about B5 blue now...

    And I'd just re-launch the debate with shakers and grills.
    Could you order silver shakers on 71 Cudas ? Did they come only with silver grills ?

    Mopar questions are endless, and I hope this topic will give definite answers... Confused

    Ya, I am a Maniak !