1977 Chevy Monte Carlo Landau

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1977 Chevy Monte Carlo Landau

  • This build started with stripping the pre-painted body of its horrid gold paint and dragon decals.  The body was then prepped for its GM Autumn Maple Metallic - the closest I could get to original '77 Firethorn Red Metallic - and the first temptation was a white top with white/firethorn interior.  After seeing several builds having the white top/interior combo, I went with black/black to add some variety. 

    Other than wheels borrowed from the MPC  '79-80 Monte, the build is box stock with chrome trim and photo etched details added. 




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  • That is really a nice build, excellent work...BowBowWow...Slusher


  • Very clean build with excellent detailing. Thumbs Up Fury3

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  • It's probabbely a veruy nice build but I don't see it............Crying

  • Good job.  Well detailed and finished.


  • love it looks great those hubs fit it real nice Yes Yes

  • love it looks great those hubs fit it real nice Yes Yes

  • The comments and kind words are appreciated - thanks!!

    Wheel choice was tricky.. first option was to go with the typical GM steelie rally wheels of the era - they're rather common, though.  The 76 Caprice kit has correct wheel covers for the '77 Monte with only minimal modication to the Caprice vs. Monte emblem detail, although it seems according to the literature those caps were used on base model non-Landau cars. 

    I did come across some references to dealer-installed Landau packages - GM was having issues with the chrome trim peeling, and dealers worked with local installers to offer the upgrade.  In those situations, a base Monte could easily have been outfitted with the roof and trim, and might have kept the base wheelcovers.  It was food for thought... :-)


  • Looks sharp! Nice job on that Monte.

    High octane

  • Very nice, Polybius!  I love the color!  Nicely detailed build! CoolThumbs Up

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  • Me too ..sorry , Dreaded red x's ...Thanx ..

    It is Stryene I'm addicted to ! Too many cars , too little time .
  • top notch build

  • But now that I can see it I must say it's an excelend build! What a atriling colour and what a fine halo roof!Surprise

  • That is a fine Monte Carlo. Your detail is great! I think the red was the most popular color. My brother bought a real one, all red. We put a door from a '75 on it then he sold it. I love all models of these cars!Big SmileCoolYesStarAutomobileThumbs UpBow

  • Looks awesome, great job