Old AMT Car model boxes...

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Old AMT Car model boxes...

  •  I have some models in boxes which I received from a friend back in 2004. 

     He in turn had been sitting on them since the late fifties.


    Are they worth keeping?  I am cleaning out the garage and have no idea what to do with these things - they are older than I am.


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  •  They are worth selling on ebay and taking that money to get something you want.


    you can give 'em to me and i will sell them on ebay to get something that i want!

  • You sure have a good friend.  Keep the boxes and the models.  If you want to get rid of them, my email is avaible on my bio........I'll take them...Thank you.

  •  Huh.  I have seen nothing quite like them on Ebay and so was not sure if they were worth anything.

     Thanks for the heads up.  Perhaps collectors will be interested....


  • It's because you see nothing like them on ebay is what makes them valuable! Sell them, it's 100% profit!

    There is 2 areas on ebay to sell them!

    The "Toys & Hobby" model car section or the "Collectable" section then "transpertation, then Automobilia 

    then http://collectibles.shop.ebay.com/Model-Cars-Trucks-/165741/i.html?_catref=1&_fln=1&_trksid=p3286.c0.m282.

    Most people don't know about that section and it has over 1,000 listings also!

    Make a Toast

    Seriously, do not take me serious!
  • Sell them on Ebay in the model section under the vintage subsection You will find that those cars will bring some pretty decent coin!!!  I can't tell from the photos if all the parts are there if they are your looking at easy Money

    I do it for the love of the cars.Captain

  • This is what every one of us old AMT fans and model car builders would love to find, anywhere, let alone in our garage. These kits are what some of us, the old guys, started building in the late '50s. If the tires have not "burned" into the plastic parts, and it looks like that has not happened from what I can see in the photo, these cars are very valuable. In case you don't know what they are, they are unassembled promos put in those boxes for sale to the public by AMT starting in 1958. Promo models were used by the new car dealerships in the late '50s to show customers what the cars would look like as a convertible or sedan etc. Plus to give to the customer's kid(s) to help the sale. They were made in colors to show the color choices of the new cars when they were first used but were made of a different type of plastic, acetate, that warped badly after a while. The unassembled kit parts were molded in styrene plastic that didn't warp. You have a small fortune in model car kits there not to mention a piece of model car history. This is like finding one of the first guitars that Eric Clapton learned to play on or some of the first of a series of baseball cards from the '50s. Or a buried mason jar full of old marbles or coins in your back yard Good luck with the kits and thanks for the photos and the memories. Patrick
  •  Hey, thanks for all the responses!   To clear up a few misconceptions due to the poor image quality, these are not complete models.  I will stop in here and provide more thorough pictures later.  The guy assembled these -  or partly assembled them, some have not been assembled at all - when he was a kid.  I will give you a better look at what is in them, but have been informed that the boxes alone are worth some good money, as they are very hard to find.

    Huh.  I build and collect models, and never paid much attention to these cars until last week.  Not much of a car man, more of an airplane builder.  And painter of miniatures.

     Hey, something else I just noticed - one of those boxes with the father and son on it is SMP, not AMT.   Again, I will get a better set of pictures soon.

     Here is the Mercury:



  •  And here are some pics from the Chevy:


    Note that AMT is now SMP?  What is even stranger is the 1961 Hardtop, which has SMP logos, but clearly says that it is produced by AMT on the side...


  •  Here is the Hardtop...


    Hope this helps....