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Jaguar XJ220 (The 30 years proyects - Part 2) - WIP and done

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Jaguar XJ220 (The 30 years proyects - Part 2) - WIP and done
Posted by FJSigma on Wednesday, August 19, 2020 12:25 PM

I'm not proud with the finished quality, but this time it doesn't look as bad as the Porsche, I'm pretty happy with it. One more time no wiring, no piping, no engraving... My apologies. Considering the high quality of the builds in this forum, is kind of embarrassing...

Anyway, this is the the 2nd car kit I bought (about 30 years ago) and the second one I finished (a few weeks ago).

After buying and starting my first model I thought I would had some time between the process to build a second one and wanted a sports car. I was young and reckless and wanted a Lamborghini or a Ferrari but there was no kits available at the time and ended up buying this one. I started buidling it and got stuck in the body paint issue. I put it in a box and not so long ago I found this:

I decided to go with cans, and primered it...

And then painted it silver

Trial fit

Added the only decal it has (one each side)

Side turn signals painted with an orange Sharpie and first clear coat

Second clear coat...

...and third.

Masking for black painting.

Not very happy with my brush skills...

...but corrected it with a black Edding marker.

Painted the underside of the body in satin black (I know this is not the professional way because it's inacurate, but it makes me feel more comfortable, since there's little you can see inside when you put the model upside down).

Then I noticed I didn't have any satin or matt white to complete the interior, so I've found a matt white rust converter in my garage...

Mirror glasses and radiator installed and stoplights waiting.

These are the "glasses" I've found... most of them broken where they were joined to the sprue...

...and scratched in 30 years of bad storage


...with car wax

Front and rear screens masked for satin black...

...and side windows for gloss black

Then I couldn't find the rearview mirror and found this small piece to recreate it

But I was too lazy to paint it, so I used markers again (sorry)

Installed with the rear insulation window (no idea on how is it called)

Back to the chassis, I noticed the front lip had to be body painted, but I'm pretty sure I didn't use primer at the time, meaning any masking tape would come off with the black paint itself, so I decided to primer it with a brush to avoid masking tape... (better later than never I learned this lesson: You need to use primer)

Then I've noticed I forgot to paint the front turn lights, I used an orange Sharpie to paint it, which wasn't as thin as it should, so I painted where I shouldn't. I tried to remove it with alcohol... and the disaster happened: The clear coat melted.

Luckily that clear could also be somehow "restored" with the car wax... kind of... Anyway I masked the lights an tried one more time.

Last pics before the "marriage". Glasses on, rear wing on and front lip brush painted in a slighty similar color.

And all in one piece.

I didn't paint the glass roof black from the inside, so you can see the glue... (another lesson learned).

A pic from below

Final pics outside. The chromed wheels really bother me, but I'm afraid of braking something trying to dismantle it.

A close up from the melted clear

I tried to paint the back letters with a marker but was unable to...

I really enjoyed this one. Everything fits really nice. All the flaws were caused by me. I learnt a bunch of lessons with this build.

Again, sorry for the low quality, but I'm pretty happy with the result.

Thanks for watching!

Going slooooow from Buenos Aires, Argentina

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Posted by nottheband on Friday, August 21, 2020 1:13 AM

Nice work, FJsigma, and don't be so hard on yourself, this Jag looks beautiful, that silver with the black trim is classy.  Cheers.


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    May 2020
  • From: Buenos Aires, Argentina
Posted by FJSigma on Tuesday, August 25, 2020 5:16 PM

Thanks Steve! You're very nice.


Going slooooow from Buenos Aires, Argentina


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