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Apocalypse Plymouth

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Apocalypse Plymouth
Posted by Old Geezer on Monday, May 08, 2017 6:49 AM

This is my first apolalcypse build. I had no idea where this was going !

Well, time to scare up another project.

Dragging out some parts. Have no idea where these parts will lead, but, I'll probably come up with something.



One thing I have decided upon was to fit this big blower to a  flathead intake manifold. This blower body is as long as the flathead block. It'd probably blow that old cast iron to hell and back.



OK, The block and major intake  parts have been sprayed and gassing out. The block is DupliColor Chev orange. But that is neither here or there for now.

I was in rummaging in my "stuff" and came across this front wheel drive chassis, (partially built). and had been wondering what to do with it. Further rummaging got me to this cool 57 Plymouth body.

My favorite classic Mopar body !


Seeing the two together and what was there with them, put me to mind of something I had been wanting to do for quite a while. So, now I was sufficiently distracted to change course. I'm glad I didn't assign a specific title to this thread, so, hang on !

I'm not really happy about messing with this pristine body, but there's nothing else to go with it.


This cool engine, that I think I have identified as Ferrari, is so well glued together, that I don't have the stones to attempt to dis-assemble it. One of the intake banks is missing and I'll probably havr to cobble up something different.


The rear end has to be relocated. Reckless eyeballing looks like I'll have to add about 1/2 inch to the floor pan.

I was told that this might be a Ferrari engine.

Certainly not in a genre I have any knowledge at all in.

There's nothing behind the block and there's no tranny hump on the floorboards.

Extremely small lettering on the one air box. I used my optivisors and Shazza's magnifying glass together. The inner script box on the upper front end says Ferrari. And i'm pretty sure the lower one at tha bottom rear says Testerossa.

I think I have rounded up some  valve covers that  I can bash that are similar to that air box (cleaner). 

That'll take care of the Ferrari script !

As for Kosher, I don't do kosher. Especially pickles, I don't eat pickles !!

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"It's a mid engined Ferrari, you're turning the chassis around to make it front engined, the exhaust is the clue."
A couple of peeks in Google and it, indeed, appears that I have this bassackwards. But, that is well in the parameters of my modeling misadventures, for I have been known to even defy the laws of physics on occasion.
Being as I have insufficient necessary parts to build a whole normal looking '57, I am proceeding with my original plan which is taking me into a new genre of model building. I am looking at a post apoplectic 'Mad Max' type of vehicle.
How cool would it have been  to do a nice rendition of a mid engine'd Ferrari powered 57 Plymouth ??
Well. I got my shop cleaned today. Shop Vac'd the whole thing and even cleaned the whole work desk area. I still couldn't find the air box that flew to small parts limbo-land. Figgered I'd just as well bash up another set.
Y'know, in spite of the work I've done trying to replicate the top of this engine, it just ain't funky enough for a 'Mad Max' type build. I'll be looking at other options. This genre should be ripe for some IMAGINEERING !
I'm not sure how this pig gets it's induction. I think I'll imagineer some FI lines from the crap between the cam covers and  just make some kind of breather stacks from where the tubes  came between the heads.
Now, I'm feeling a bit challenged..... painting an engine that's assembled and already installed. I have a feeling that weathering will be my friend !
Today's episode:
The jury's still out on the stacks.
So, while the jury's deliberating, Took a trip to the salvage yard to look for a cowl and a firewall. A GTO seemed like a likely candidate.
Oh, yeah !! But, gonna need some serious recessing for the engine !!
And I got my imagineered FI lines in.
Just want to show what dropping out of high school  and forsaking a promising carer in engineering will do for a person. I had to remove most of the firewall !   OK, but I did need that cowl ! I have pieces ready to fill in the sides to the inside of the fenders and will build an enclosure  to box in the back of the engine.
[quote="Skid"]Nioce work Clay but methinks those stacks are too tall![/quote]
You really do want me to use a blower, don't you , Skid. Actually I've been considering going taller. but don't know yet. The key word is funky, cobbled up, salvaged stuff, kinda like I actually build my models. Rat rod on steroids. Slightly menacing, post apocalypse stuff, a piece of survivalist equipment.
This morning, just dinked around re-inforcing weak spots on the chasiss pan and fitting it better to the body.
My over active brain led me to getting ahead of myself, and heading to the salvage yard where there are a couple of submarine hulks. Trimmed off part of one conning tower that had remnants of a gun mount. Not sure if this salvage seat will be used, but mocked up an idea for a rear gunnrr turret.
Firewall recess in. Now to see how I can fit a dashboard in over it.
Figgered those blobby thingies was the Ferrari's exhaust system ( it is now ) so routed the pipes forward and tucked towards the new rear.  Oh, yeah, scratches up a rear gun of sorts.
Found a dash that fits perfectly and another seat from a late model Corvette.
Not something you'll see often from Geezer's Garage.......A sewer view.
I'm having way too much fun starting on the body mods. Forcing myself to pull off this morning. I have a few chores I have to do !
The quad headlight housings are being designated for a battery of AOAVs (Anti Other Apocalypse Vehicle) guns. Found a jeep that I robbed the front off of and mated it to the Plymouth front .
No headlights for the Jeep , so I'm using the backside of some Ford hubcaps for the headlight buckets. 
 Have it up om wheels. Had to radius the wheel wells as I had expected and found the Ferrari chassis was too low for the back of the Ply, so had to raise the now , rear, portion about a 1/4 inch.
Rear gunner head pod fairing installed.
Can't have anything much funner than this and keep yer clothes on !!
I have the front end all mated to the body.
Here's a teaser mockup. Parts for an Apocalypse bumper.
 Gave a go at making the AOAVs starting with drilling some (a lot)  of holes  in some plastic tubing after changing the front bumper a bit.
Added some more tubing and viola, 4 AOAVs
Mock up in primer. Spent the rest of the afternoon making nerfs for the wheel wells.
Got a little base color on.
Started some detail painting.
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    March, 2013
  • From: Gulf coast of central Florida
Posted by Old Geezer on Monday, May 08, 2017 7:01 AM

Well, here it is !


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    July, 2005
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Posted by scalepeter on Wednesday, May 10, 2017 1:47 AM

Nice one. Looks great.

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    March, 2017
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Posted by Spencer Mopar Fan on Wednesday, May 10, 2017 12:12 PM

Something wicked thisway comes ! So nice to see a pretty car totally

.... er..... changed ! LOL

Love the Jeep grille too !

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    January, 2015
Posted by mustang1989 on Wednesday, May 10, 2017 12:43 PM

Very cool and imaginative build. Weathering is at a premium as well.

Being really stupid is the new smart!! 


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Posted by spencer1984 on Friday, May 12, 2017 2:23 PM
Awesome work, that turned out great! Never would have thought the Jeep grille would work as well as it does


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