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Armageddon Viper

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    March, 2013
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Armageddon Viper
Posted by Old Geezer on Monday, May 08, 2017 5:41 AM

Had such a blast building the 57 Plymouth post apocalypse car ! 

Ideas just keep imposing themselves in my brain !! Exploring the possibilities by sorting through my generous care package salvage yard, I came  upon a previously overlooked heavily wrapped baggie package. HOLY CRAP !! A vintage VIPER !!!!


Could not ask for better transportation to negotiate running the gauntlet of Armageddon than a souped up classic Mopar Viper!! 

Most of the car is there in bare vintage virgin plastic.

I have given the frame a coat of primer and am making an adapter on the front of the block to put something in place of the missing water pump.


Making some tubing axles for the wheels !

This probably appears a tad retarded, putting a blower on the top of a Viper intake, but that's what I do ! 

Deal with it !


This must have been a Snap-On kit,a lot of stuff had snap tabs, and there is no way this was meant to go together like I'm used to.

Had to cut some around the engine bay. Body wouldn't fit down over the engine. Like on the original model kit, the valve covers and hoses forward had to be put on last !

But it'll work !!!

I don't have the grill piece (or windows) for this model, but no prob, I'll be making a crash bar of some type for it. I'll have to bite the bullet and drive 30 miles to the hobby shop in Ocala. Running low on styrene strips. (Been cutting some out of flat styrene stock, but this'll make things easier and , maybe, nicer)

I had to break the blower loose and re-position it better centered for the hood opening.


Made a tread plate platform for the rear interior out of some coffee can seal material.

Waiting for adhesive to cure, I got totally sidetracked and built a machine gun, tripod, and a belt of ammo.

Big cowcatcher takes the place of the front end that wasn't with the parts I got. Besides, fits with the Mad Max theme.


Small dinky stuff yesterday. I wanted the  guard to simulate made out of pipe. Ended up with coiling some fine wire around a drill bit and then slicing thru to get some small ringlets. They had to be spread to slip over the round stock and then squeezed back around after placement. Needless to say, it was a bit fiddley. Sure would have easier, had I used some forthought and placed them as I was assembling the tubing.



Also, had no dashboard with the parts, so found a Camero dash in the stash that was close to the right width. A little bashing to make it into a dash/console to fit the Vipers interior tub.

Dinkin' along making detail stuff for the interior. Forgoing my usual minimum effort interior. Figured I ought to finally address the rear end. Cutting out the taillight openings, for no particular intent. Don't have the taillights, I did find a bumper that fits the bill. Milky green crappy plastic from a glue bomb truck, but it'll work.


Back portion attached.

Even though it's my own fault for never building kit/models the 'right way', using an interior tub has ALWAYS bitten me where the sun don't shine !!

 I lobotomized the seat even more this morning. Even though I had removed the headrest, the seat was still tall enough to stick outside of the side window.


While that was going on, I wanted to try an idea. I took the hood outside in the Florida humidity and sprayed it with some Duplicolor, then took it inside forthwith into the AC. Yep, it fogged up nicely giving me the wanted oxidized look.

I think I have the dash sufficiently butchered enough to get the assembly to fit in the Viper. The cobbled up firewall side of this, sprung me to a reminiscent moment to back when I worked in the RV industry. The general public doesn't realize what's behind all of the fancy cabinetry and the gaudy lighted beveled mirrors.


But I digress. I'm about ready to start putting stuff together now that I have my oxidized paint job on. 

Movin' right along. Fortunately, I had a lot of stuff made up and ready for final assembly. I really want to get this done. My brain is reeling with the stuff I have gathered from the salvage and just waiting to be put into play !!

Firstly, I had drawn a nuclear Viper logo a few days ago on some un-printed portions of decal paper.

Not too sure how it was going to work, drawing on the clear coated paper. I had to wait until I had the body paint on to try it.

The drivers side was tried first, I laid the trimmed decal on a decal solvent wetted spot and then flowed more solvent set over it. Drying, the edges started to curl. Curses !! I played around trying to get the edges to seat back down. Not a lot of great luck. I have tried to tone it down with some bloody looking dripping.



Oh, well, what the hell, I put the passenger side decal on a solvent prepared spot, but didn't cover it with more solvent. It laid out real nice! I figure the solvent didn't work OVER the painted design. So one side (drivers) is bloodied .


I finished attaching the final details, and did a slight dust mist to tone it down, and give it a slightly unclean look.

  • Member since
    March, 2013
  • From: Gulf coast of central Florida
Posted by Old Geezer on Monday, May 08, 2017 5:52 AM


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