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Apocalypse Battlewagon

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    March, 2013
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Apocalypse Battlewagon
Posted by Old Geezer on Sunday, May 07, 2017 6:08 AM

I really enjoyed Foxer's mouse rod, so I'll see how a couple of my apocalypse models will be received here.

Armageddon kick is still pulling at me. My care package stash almost demands me to continue.


I have an Imperial convertible body and frame that'll be the base for it. A '60 Chev panel has enough usable parts that I can use the top that I'll lop off. I had no appropriate wheels  in the stash (go figure, I have mega dozens of wheels). Been lookin in the dollar stores for some cheap toy wheels that I can utilize. Found this little baby in WalMart. A little more that I had hoped to pay ($3 and change), but they look pretty sharp.   

Cars featured in the Mad Max movies are pretty outlandish and barely believable (3 high stacked Caddy bodies,for example). Don't know exactly how my battlewagon is going to end, but I plan to have it based on a halfway plausible start. The Imperial and the Chev are going together pretty good , so far.

I am using some axle parts from a Monster truck of some kind. and mating them to the more acceptable sized tires from the Matchbox purchase.

My usual disdain for the sewer view stands, but this may be kinda visible from the ground view so I'll be trying to make this reasonable appearing, albeit a bit of imagineering will be in order.

I'm using a NASCAR rear end for a kind of transfer box.


Painting the under side chassis stuff and getting ready to affix it permanently. Then I'll start concentrating on the body, guns, and stuff !  


She's up on wheels and they have already been muddied a bit.


The Chrysler got it's trunk cut out today !


Pretty close to outfitting the armament now. Then I can take it out to the battlefield, and start the DEstruction 

Opened up  and getting ready for business !


Gun turrets:

Plan 'A' was to use the  clear blister pack plastic that was formed over the Hot Wheels tires to make a plexiglas  dome . They lined up pretty good with the bottom pans that I cut from a RC jeep body side gas tank. However, cool as that idea was, the plastic was way too thin.

So, plan 'B'. Using card stock, I scratched  the top of the turrets. It'll just have to be dark in there !

Meanwhile, Igor was busy in the machine shop scratching up a pair of guns for them.


Starting in on  "Big Shamika"


Elevation wheel is a resin fan of some kind. Replacing blades with wire spokes for more realistic scale.


"Big Shamika"  getting there.

Big Shamika and the twins are ready for installation, and going out to kick some Apocalyptic booty. Engine-wise, this will be basically a curbside. I will be using these exhaust headers.

Oh yeah, this'll work !

Needed a windshield of some kind. I thought of building some contoured louvers, but my 9th grade math skills wasn't  near enough to figure out matching those contours! So went with some screening.

Being an engine less curbside ,of sorts, crude as I am, I wasn't about to just stick some induction ON the hood, so I made an opening and put kind of a shelf under it to set the blower on and give it a semblance of depth. 

Side pods are now mounted. The twins, (and all interior stuff), are constructed so they can be installed from inside the body shell or on the floor pan. Big Shamika sets down inside thru the roof opening. I can now think about paint..... possibly a type of camo.

Been painting my camo for the last couple of days. I'll let it gas out for a bit then I plan to shoot Dulcote over it to get it all looking more uniform, even tho I used cheap flat craft paints. Meanwhile, I'll be making a couple more detail thingys.

I'm in the final stages of wrapping this puppy up. I have given the body a coat of Dullcote and now, installing final details, such as this RV type roof ladder. Just have to rig up a console of some kind beside the driver seat and do some detail touch ups.



Bashed out a console

Which is a receiver for a roof mounted device, strategically located  to avoid being mowed down by a careless rear gunner !

Now, to spend the rest of this afternoon watching our lame ball team and then out to dinner with Shazz.

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    March, 2013
  • From: Gulf coast of central Florida
Posted by Old Geezer on Sunday, May 07, 2017 6:18 AM

I was hoping to be able to stage this somehow, but we have been having some crappy weather here in Fla, so I took it out in the yard today and took a couple of shots. So here it is finished.

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Posted by TarheelRick on Sunday, May 07, 2017 6:48 AM
Now that is one wicked machine. Lots of details to catch the eye. I am trying to figure what the base vehicle is, but I guess with this one it doesn't really matter. Great build.

I build models because I can't afford the real thing!

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Posted by Foxer on Sunday, May 07, 2017 7:09 AM

That is pretty cool ... looks fantastic!

The effectiveness of camo paint really shows, it hides the Imperial

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Posted by scalepeter on Wednesday, May 10, 2017 1:45 AM

Nice one.  like this. Love these cars.  


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