Genesis Climber MOSPEADA Ride Armor (Robotech Cyclone)

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Genesis Climber MOSPEADA Ride Armor (Robotech Cyclone)

  • My first build of 2014 is complete!  Based on the old kit from LS, I added the wire mesh grille and made proper headlights, taillight, and windshield:

    It was a fun build, and I'd like to find a couple more of these to modify into the other bikes from the series.  More pics and a full writeup are available here.  All comments/criticisms are welcome.

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  • interesting. reminds me of the bikes in Battlestar Galactica 1980.

  • I totally forgot about those, but you're right.  I may have to build one of those to go with it!

  • Looks Great!


  • Nice build.  Robotech was my favorite animated show when I was a kid and it still holds up well today.

  • Thanks!