dodge power wagon. from simon&simon.

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dodge power wagon. from simon&simon.

  • anyone know where i can find pictures of the dodge power wagon. from the tv series simon&simon.

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  •  Try here:

  • I lived in San Diego from '83-'87, worked on the car crew a few times a year when S&S came to town to shoot locations, got to look at the truck up close. Though it looked pretty beat onscreen it was a clean low-mile (16,000 when I last saw it) truck bought from a used car dealer on Lankershim Bl. a few miles from Universal Studios, The rough appearance was aided by a simple weathering process that included flat clear Krylon though it did look pretty beat after seven years. The front bumper was removable for use when 'front shots' of Rick and AJ were necassary, the truck had standard towbar mounts behind the 'plug-in' bumper.

    When the series finally went off the air in 1988, a year late due to the WGA strike, the trucks were sold at auction, the better was bought by a guy in Hollywood who used to park it on Cahuenga Bl. out front of his record store. Looked cool there. 

     I built models of the truck and the Camaro from the series, displayed them at the Toledo NNL in '84 or '85, maybe Tim Boyd or someone who was there has pics?

    Probably the best shots of the truck are on the shows themselves, first two seasons now available FREE on Hulu... Fun stuff, good luck getting the theme music outta your head!

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    Here's another link that may help. It has a lot of Macho Power Wagon info on it. I've used it often to help with my macho build I have posted on this site.

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  • WOW ! I always wondered where the truck/s were purchased, and what ever happened to them after the show. It's awsome to have someone here who actually worked with them. Interesting how the rough appearence was done on purpose. I always suspected that because when the show first aired, the truck would only have been a couple of years old. I know I've posted photos of my models here before, but I'll put up a couple of shots of my model. of the S&S truck.

    I have quite a few screen grabs of the truck on page 3 or 4 of my photobucket. If you follow the link below you can page through and see them. Please let us see some photos of yor S&S Dodge in progress and completed.