IHC Sightliner

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IHC Sightliner

  • Does any one make a resin IHC Sightliner cab that would work on a Chevy Titan base , or any other doner kit ?  Want to build a model of what my dad drove when he was driving for Santa Fe MANY years ago ?  

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    Now that's one strange looking truck!  Pics coutesy of http://www.hankstruckpictures.com 


  • Nobody that I know of has done it. It is basically a Loadstar/early Fleetstar/ 60's pick up cab moved up on top of the engine.

    If you try it...good luck!!!

  • there is a 1956 International Pickup Truck from - R&R Resin that has the same cab...



  • Here is a site that has a some nice vintage truck conversions.



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  • WoW I love the looks of that truck, I'm keeping up with this post!YesSmile

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  • Ive never seen one of these before.

  • Here is a direct link to Dave's site:



    Big Rigs and Commercial Vehicles Are My Thing!

  • I love this truck. Here is a weird one, just got back from the movies, and I reckon there is a daycab sightliner rigid box truck that will feature in the new Hugh Jackman movie coming out "Real Steel". It's a kids movie, but check out the trailer ( movie trailer that is! ). Am I right? ...

  • Have a look ..

    Whaddya reckon ?..

  • how about this one...

  • hej i stockholm, ar det i leksak? cool - where did that one come from - did you scratch build it, or is it a kit What scale ?