Plans to build car hauler or racer wedge bed.

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Plans to build car hauler or racer wedge bed.

  • If any body know where i can get schematic plans of any car hauler or racer wedge bed plans?  I did not have any luck doing search engine search on subject.  It kept going oppisite direction on subject.  I am in process of starting on my project.  Turning the Alley Rat which is the same kit.  Came out early eighties call Sneeky Pete.  Into custom car hauler transport.  Also considering convert it drag slot car hauler.  So if any one have any idea where locate plans to build one it will appreciated.

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    Or if you want, you can buy the racers wedge. Scale Dreams is a great business. Rick, the owner is a great guy.


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  • Thank you for the information on where to look.  I would buy release of the kit that was reissued from Model King.  At the moment it is out of price range after tax or shipping applied. Local shop selling it for $29.99 and lot of places online for $26.99.  Or higher before shipping and handling charge.  I think scratch building one will be good experience to do.  Please every body input is more than welcome on both beds trying to build.
  • I have started the build on the hauler. The bed for the truck is almost done. Have some photo on some of the progress and will post them later.

  •  Here some of photographs that I took so far. If they don't come up. let me know and will try to resolve it.










  • you mean these photos?




    looking good!

  •  Thank you plymouth 71 for the help.  I will tried to correct the issue i am having with the photograph.

  •  Corrected the problems with pictures and are up now. YEAH!

  •  Here are some more pictures of modified chassis and mock up. Cab and bed on chassis.



  •  Have the drive shaft lengthen and started on the drivetrane. Have the pictures posted later on progress.

  • Sorry for delay. Work has me busy and have not chance to start on the drivetrain yet. Will try to start on it.  To have photo on progress of drivetrain.