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Lifted Off-Road Ford F-350 Super Duty 4X4

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Lifted Off-Road Ford F-350 Super Duty 4X4
Posted by FenderMender on Tuesday, June 24, 2014 5:44 PM

From the latest edition of The Reader's Diecast   magazine comes this story.

In the section called "Unusual Finds", a regular feature of  The Reader's Diecast magazine, there appeared an article submitted by a diecast collector from the Deep South named Farley Luckee. (You might have recognized the name Luckee as Farley's twin brother Frank Lee Luckee has also contributed articles to the publication in the past.)

Farley's contribution reads:

"I just looked over some clearance items at Hobby Lobby and found a  Maisto Assembly Line Lifters kit of a 1/46 scale yellow 1999 Ford F-350 Super Duty pickup truck. The kit allows you to build the truck either stock or as an off-road, lifted 4X4.  Boy, the box looked terrible and was really, really smashed up on one end. It looked like a loaded pallet must have crashed into the corner of it. I could see the grille was off the front of the truck and the side door looked a quite funky."

"Now the store had some of these Assembly Line Lifters kits in prime condition selling for $12.99.  With a store coupon, that translates into $7.80 retail, actually.  So the $4.68 closeout sticker price looked a whole lot better to me, but not anything to quickly write home about.  Going to the register to check out, I wasn't even sure there were parts inside, as the box and the truck looked so rough. My strategy was to ask the clerk to ask the manager if you all could do any better price-wise.  The manager agreed to knock off 25%. That was good enough, but that wasn't the end of the story by a long shot. The clerk re-examined the closeout sticker price and said unapologetically that we cannot reduce it by 25% since it is already on closeout. Apprehensively I told her okay then, I would buy it only if all the parts were included, otherwise, I'll be bringing it back."

"When I finally got the sucker unpacked from that twisted and smashed-up box, I saw that the grille was broken, the passenger door was all out of whack and the front of the truck completely bent up and cracked to boot!!!  The screw hole in the chassis was enlarged so much due to damage that it was difficult getting the screw holding the body to the chassis out. And something had punctured and put a hole straight through the decal sheet inside the box!"

"That was just too much.  Back it went to Hobby Lobby.  There wasn't much hope for this busted up wreck whatever it might cost. I figured if they would take two bucks for it, I'd keep it for possible parts."

"So I told the manager my aforementioned story and showed her the cracked and bent-up body. She said she first needed to see what the original retail price was. After that, doing some figuring on her hand-held, digital calculator, she knocked off 90% of the retail price, saying they couldn't do anything with the broken model. Bottom line for Farley Luckee, $1.29."



These two photos show the force of the impact the model must have had. On the passenger side front fender, notice how bent the fender is and how the grille is broken and misfits the front opening. There is also a crack in the hood and part of the windshield is cracked off at the bottom edge.



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