Revell 1977 GMC tow truck

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Revell 1977 GMC tow truck

  • Hi there , just a few pictures of my latest build, its the Revell GMC tow truck , its the re-release that has not long been available in england, built straight from the box except for some scratchbuilt items, namely the hydraulic laft at the back , the snow plough and loads of internal details, Ive added a welder and welding rods, jump leads, tool boxes , several tools, some wooden chocks as well as chains and shackles, the interior got a cb radio, a pizza and cake slice for his tea, some magazines to read and a pack of smokes , all comments welcome


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  • I really like it!! Typical workhorse with a bed and cab full of junk. Definitely different. Would love to see more!!

  • Wow!!! That looks so much better than the box art truck, great jobYes

    Gaute Halsaunet TTT (Things Take Time)
  • nice build