1975 GMC pickup "Gentleman Jim"

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1975 GMC pickup "Gentleman Jim"

  • hey, been a while since i posted on the forum, been busy with college (really busy, :P) but my brother gave me the new gmc with plow for christmas!.

    Now, there have been a few gmc plow trucks posted here, but while searching for period color schemes for my gmc i came across the gmc "Gentleman Jim" package 

    i loved the color combo, so the 1977 gmc is being converted to a 1975 :)

    So many ideas!! ... Not enough time, kits or sanity ! Laugh

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  • quick mockup, added pose able front wheels, with a small suspension lift

    added a swing away spare tire carrier, since the spare bolted to the tailgate seamed quite dumb :P

    So many ideas!! ... Not enough time, kits or sanity ! Laugh

  • i decided to open the doors,  after putting on the side trim , you can see the start of the floor

    here's the floor roughed in, and the side trim, and custom roll bar based off the mad mudder roll bar

    scratchbuilt heater box

    So many ideas!! ... Not enough time, kits or sanity ! Laugh

  • looks like a kool project off to a good start

  • I just finished converting the 77 Jimmy to a 74. I will be following to your build here .

  • Super cool build!  One of my neighbors had one of these new back in the '70's. I thought it was the coolest pick-up around. Can't wait to see it finished.


  • I will be following this one. Nice start and great details.

  • Awesome truck, and cant wait to see it done, iam a dodge truck guy but that chevy is sweet.

  • Thanks everyone,  I wondered what the truck would look like, on a transport trailer, lol

    checking the slightly increased ride height, had to raise the tire to be centered with the axel Stick out tongue

    some work on the engine, resin intake from MAD detailing, also ordered tall moroso valve covers from MAD but they were to short to fit the engineSad, so i made my own using the stock covers and some sheet stryene

    So many ideas!! ... Not enough time, kits or sanity ! Laugh

  • the engine is getting a MAD hei distributor, a holley 4150 carb from Calnaga castings. oh, and the engine bay is getting the oddly missing brake booster/master cylinderStick out tongue

    So many ideas!! ... Not enough time, kits or sanity ! Laugh

  • started to revise the grill from the 77 to the 75, using this as a reference

    i came up with this,

    i didn't like the molded in turn signals, so the were cut off and the blanks on the body were filled in , and new signals were added

    thanks for looking everyone

    So many ideas!! ... Not enough time, kits or sanity ! Laugh

  • You may of also noticed that the 75's only had 1 battery on the passenger side.

  • Lol, no i didn't Stick out tongue i never thought about the second battery,  but figured  it would be useful for a plow truck, with running lights, a small winch, and maybe a large winch. My story for the truck is, that the original truck was damaged, the owner decided to swap on a nondamaged short bed and make her a 4wd , brought a plow and started making back the cash spent on fixing the truck Smile

    So many ideas!! ... Not enough time, kits or sanity ! Laugh

  • I want to get a few more of this kits, to make a long bed truck, and maybe a tow truck Stick out tongue

    So many ideas!! ... Not enough time, kits or sanity ! Laugh

  • If you are going to make a tow truck, why not buy the Revell Wrecker kit that is already out?

    As far as this kit, I have 7 or 8 of them now, with 2 under construction and nearly complete. Watch the ads for Tower Hobbies, many times they have free shipping if you spend at least $30 and they offer a small discount on multiple purchases of the same kit.

    This is coming along nicely, have you had problems with the passenger bed side warping?