MPC Universal Dune Buggy - CJ5 year?

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MPC Universal Dune Buggy - CJ5 year?

  • New to the forum and this is my first post. I bought the MPC Universal Dune Buggy kit off ebay and I've been researching the body to estimate the year. I believe it is pre 1969 due to no side marker lights? Any help would be great. BTW, it's a great kit that includes a hardtop with doors and plow. 

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  • The kit has it origins in the 60's and it is definitely an older body. I bought that same kit at a swap meet 10-12 years ago and have yet to build it as I keep thinking about resin casting the hardtop and plow. MPC was known to re-use a kit and add bits to come up with a "new" kit and I think that is the case with this one.

  • I've seen someone on ebay selling a resin plow kit, at least it looks to be the same. True about MPC and reusing bits to create "new" kits. I have the Commando and it has the same plow used in the Dune Buggy kit. Not sure which was issued first. I hope to start building both kits stock this year. Right now, I've got two Daisy Duke CJ5s donating bodys/tubs and frame to create a CJ6(101 in. wheelbase), also going to be built stock.

  • Yep, that plow has been cast and sold by several ebay sellers, I have a couple of them myself. I just might  have to build my Jeep kit, although I would really love to have a couple copies of the resin half top.

    There is a guy I know who has been working on a resin kit of the CJ-8 Scrambler so you may want to hold off on building your CJ-6 for now. He was hopeful to have it ready by the first part of this year and I will check in with him to see where he is at with it. I have an old friend whose father had a service station that had a CJ-6 with a plow that also saw work as a road service unit.

  • I thought about using the half top as a template to create a full top for the CJ6. The doors, side panels and rear panel would be easy to replicate with evergreen styrene sheets. The top's rounded corners would be the hard part. I guess if I made a resin version of the half, I could easily cut it in two and extend it. I don't have too much knowledge when it come to resin.

    The CJ8 would make a great addition to my Jeep collection. Is he doing it in 1/25?

    I have a couple of flat fender MB/CJ2A (Hogan Hero kit) I'm itching to build too. I found some images on the web of modified MBs that were turned into "Woodies" after WWII for random uses in Europe that I'd love to play around with. So many ideas...

    One of my CJ5 kits will be built as a service station unit with plow or push bar. Do you know of anyone that may make a better, more accurate tire for older Jeeps? The "snow tires" in most of the MPC/AMT kits just don't do it for me. I was putting together a parts list for a future build of a CJ2/AgriJeep with a PTO and some type of farm equipment attached and noticed from pictures I found that the wheels /tired looked military. The most accurate I've found are the ones from Hasegawa's MB kit. I think they can also pass on the CJ2A kits. Know of any resin CJ3Bs? :)