Autocar Bucket Truck

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Autocar Bucket Truck

  • I recently saw this truck on our beltway and already had the AMT Autocar dump truck kit and had won this bucket chassis on e-bay I think it may of come off a First Gear truck but it is a 1/25 th scale. I know that the current Center Point Energy trucks are white but they were green at one time. Im looking for some current Texas license plates to add to it. Your comments are always welcome.
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  • Very cool!

  • Very nice conversion.  

  • Wow!!!!!, that is beautiful mate, just right, right down to the color, you made an amazing job of that conversion, i know you said you got the bucket parts from ebay but there had to be a load of scratchbuilding needed, i'd like to copy these pics into my collection if thats ok,  well doneThumbs Up

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  • Ian, I have more pictures I can send if you would like.

  • That is an excellent build. Great color and very realistic.........Slusher


  • Excellent work on this, a lot cleaner than the utility trucks we usually see around here Wink

  • Gorgeous truck!! Very nice work!!!

  • that would be great, i'll add my email address in case you want to send them to that or if you post them on this thread i can copy and pase them, thanks for that mate,

    too young to die and too old to give a stuffBig Smile

  • Very nice build. Nothing looks better than a working Autocar. I love the bucket truck conversion. Very well done.

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  • I love it!

  • Looks good. Another fine reproduction to your collection of trucks.

  • Received my Texas license plates to finish it off.
  • Very nice!

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