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Tamiya SARD Supra GT

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    October 2017
Tamiya SARD Supra GT
Posted by JeroenM3 on Thursday, October 26, 2017 9:22 AM

Since its not really build after the race car specs, i thought id put it under the tuner section.

Started this build roughly 4 years ago, did the first 2 steps but got bored of it. Started it 2 weeks ago again, and made a few pictures along the way (sadly not as many as id hoped, but i didnt know forums on these even existed yet, since then i made more pix for other builds im working on...)

Here some pictures of the build coming along:

Practically how i found it in the box after 4 years (little assembly done and paint before taking the picture):

Any tips for glueing windows in? i use Revell Contacta Clear (with a brush connected to its lid), as this is just hideous

First sticker i ever placed... I absolutely hate this part of every build (can anyone tell my why these stickers rip so easyand how to prevent it? i placed them for roughly 10-15 seconds in warm water as written in the instructions)

2nd sticker went little better, but overal, all stickers on this car were still hideous (i made this car a practice project direct after the windscreen sticker)

Then i made a "booboo" when gluing the spoiler on...

Decided to change things up a little, and made the seat black with red, and a golden rollcage

After the mistake with glueing the spoiler on i decided to sand the whole car down, after pulling the decals off (any one know if you can get them on again? i managed to pull a few off completely withour ripping it or anything), primed the car for paint, and decided to go for TS-52 (Tamiya candy lime green spray can), this is the first coat on:

2nd layer:

3rd and final layer:

It was only after a friend of mine who passed by said: "where is the spoiler?" that i realised i forgot to glue the spoiler on before paint... mmhmm do i risk another mistake or leave it spoilerless.. havent decided yet

sadly i found 2 small mistakes in the paint i missed with sanding (also after priming the car) :

So far im quite happy as this is the first model build im actually taking my time for (2nd model in total and actually enjoy building, not like the street supra i once made) The car is now sitting as is, and ready to get its layer of clear coat. Ill keep you all updated

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Posted by Bainford on Thursday, October 26, 2017 6:33 PM

The paint turned out very nice. Looking good so far. Unfortunately I can only see the last photo.

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    October 2017
Posted by JeroenM3 on Friday, October 27, 2017 3:17 AM

The paint turned out very nice. Looking good so far. Unfortunately I can only see the last photo.

I just noticed... hoped photobucket would work, guess not, however they work for me now...

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Posted by aussiemuscle308 on Monday, December 18, 2017 3:03 PM

Looks great! I'd recommend using a non-melting glue for doing windows. i usually use craft glue as I can wipe it off i get it anywhere it shouldn't be. beware if you use super-glue that it may fog up the clear plastic. regardless of which glue you use, always apply the glue to the body, never to the glass. and always make sure your hands are clean. nothing worse than getting glue on your finger while handling your car.

unfortunately, the decals are always fragile, so careful handling is needed. try sliding it off the backing paper to the door until you can slip the paper out, so it's always supported by something. keep everything very wet until done with placement, then let dry.

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