Somehow I ended up with two Revell Monza Snake Funny Car kits, and two sets of decals, so I decided to build them simultaneously. I was going to build one as Gary Burgin's 'Orange Baron' and  the other as Tom Prock's 'Detroit Tiger.' In a change of pace for me, I painted the bodies first and then started applying decals, and it's a good thing too. The 'Detroit Tiger' decals that I had bought off EBay fell apart, forcing me into  a tailspin. I looked through my scrap box and found some unused Pisano & Matusbara F/C decals, so I decided to use them. Obviously, the Detorit Tiger paint job had to go, and I had a leftover can of dark blue metallic paint, so I shot the body with that paint.

The finished products are not exactly what I had hoped; I found that many off the small plated parts on the Revell kits were just too fiddly for my current level of patience, so I left many chassis details off, and will display them with the bodies closed.