Dumb question about new Chi-Town Hustler kit

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Dumb question about new Chi-Town Hustler kit

  • Swat me down:

     Will it have an accurate chassis? 

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  • Here's a pic with the escape hatch.  The meat in the seat sure looks like Jungle Jim.  Austin Coil says Jim drove a match race for them.


  • The MoparMax article on the restoration states that the body is a Mini Charger. Like I said, I hope they (Revell) get this right. If so, it will be one of the best drag models released in a LONNGGG time.

     Now...If they would just release some more 1/16th stuff!!!


  • Great link to the line (technical) drawing of the Hustler.  Such a lost art...

    Revell has their 2010 Spring brochure online (pdf) and the floppers are listed as a 'first half of 2010' release.  I went to a popular online retailer and nothing has been posted yet in the 'future releases' area of their website.

    Revell still has no specific information about the Hustler as the cat number isn't in their search system yet for their website.


  • Here's a link to the X-ray drawing...I only HOPE they get this right!


  • The Hustler currently has an escape hatch between the 'A' and 'B' pillars on the roof so there should be some relief on the scale body when it is released.

    IIRC, the 71 Challenger was built with an escape hatch, so I wouldn't be surprised if the Charger had one added by the end of its service.

  • No problem on the info.  Ask a question, someone will try to answer...

    Revell has the press release on their website but when I put in the product code into their search engine, the number yielded no results.  They have no visuals on their site either.

    Here is the press release as it appears on drag race central: http://www.dragracecentral.com/drcstory.asp?ID=195368

    While it is difficult to see, the Hustler shown is the offset one.  I know of no one else who used this setup.  It was used in 1969 and 1970.

    This would be a one-off kit for Revell (Hobbico).  The "mini" body may be produced for that reason.  What other parts will be in the kit would be anyone's guess.  I hope that Revell would tool up to include the proper parts.  Since the Hustler has been recently restored, the engine would need a 4-port hilborn on top of a 6-71 blower (could be an 8-71 but no larger).  It would also need a single mag setup and a single fuel pump.  The 'tinwork' is quite impressive on the restored flopper.

    Revell had the ability to go over two of the cars, the Hustler and the Hawaiian, since they are both restored and in the Midwest.  http://www.moparmax.com/events/2009/iv_7-mosley-1.html  The Hustler currently has an escape hatch between the 'A' and 'B' pillars on the roof so there should be some relief on the scale body when it is released.

    Time will tell on how good this kit, and other future drag racing kits by Revell, will be...

  • Not a dumb question at all..........I've been wondering the same thing. If it is true that Revell is going to be doing a correct offset chassis, I see no reason that they wouldn't do the Mini-Charger body too......sounds like an all new tooling. Hopefully they will have all new tires too.

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  • Hi Thatguy01,

    There is no such thing as a dumb question my friend. That is what this forum is supposed to be for. Ask away.

    Barry Fadden

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  • Woo hoo!


  • I was told, while attending the IPMS National Convention, by Revell's representatives that the Hustler will have the offset roll cage and the engine will be offset (to driver's right) just like the original flopper.

     As far as Revell replicating the "mini" charger body, I can't speak to that.

     Revell had no samples.  Only the box artwork that has been seen at hobby shows and press releases.

  • More important, will it have an accurate body? Wasn't the Chi-Town Hustler shrunken to 8/10 or 9/10 scale, or something like that?

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