Adventures building my detailed Hurst Hairy Olds

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Adventures building my detailed Hurst Hairy Olds

  • Hi,

     I do not post much to these forums as I am mainly a reader but I thought I would post and share photos of building my Monogram Hurst Hairy Olds. A liitle backround on me I have been building my second era since 1993 (my first is what I called my "glue bomb era" which I stopped in the early 80's and does not count LOL!) Anyway, I mainly build nostalgia drag racing subjects (with other different subjects from time to time) and I build maybe 1 car (maybe 2 if I am really ambitous! ) a year.

    Back in June I decided to build something simple so I went to my model stash and picked out the Monogram Hurst Hairy Olds reissue from 1995 to build. Anyway I remember this kit was very simplistic and the detailing is not up to todays standards (However, not bad for more than 40 years ago when this was originally issued) 

    Before I started I found a great website with some great pictures of the HHO called  and more specifcally pictures of the 1967 version of the HHO which this model is representing  at .

     Armed with these photos I dug into building my own HHO with intent on detailing as best I could with what technques I know. I used Tamiya spray cans throughout the build with some alclad and testor metalizer here and there with my airbrush. 

    First up the sub assemblies One of the things you will notice is I had to extensive modifications to the chassis to make it look right so I cut out the panels in between the frame rails so it could be painted more easily. I also cut out the rear chassis panel behind the rear wheels and replaced it with sheet plastic (this to get rid of the R&M trademark writing on this panel. I also cut out the hood and trunk areas... The chassis and interior tub was painted with  Taimya gold from a can and the frame on the chassis was painted automotive red pray can paint that I had laying around the garage (dupli color I believe ) 



    Andy Caldwell a.k.a. Florida_70Bee

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  • Next the interior

    I used gold and black embossing powder for the carpet (my first time and it looks great!)

    and foiled the dash


     and since I am friends with Charlie at Pro Tech I used one of his belts!


    Andy Caldwell a.k.a. Florida_70Bee

  • Next the hood, trunk, front and rear bumpers. Hood and trunk were sprayed with Tamiya black and gold from a can (as well as the rest of the body)

    The bumpers were detailed with alclad aluminum to represent the fiberglass bumpers on the real HHO

    Additionally the front grill was detailed with detail screen (done by grinding the backside of the front grill) and the rear tailights were detailed with tamiya clear red and flat white.


    For the body I sprayed black and gold tamiya from a can and then Tamiya clear from a car (mainly to keep the gold from burnishing) then I used decals from the later issue HHO (the one with the Linda Vaughn figure,,)  

    Andy Caldwell a.k.a. Florida_70Bee

  • Front engine with lots of Pro Tech parts (fittings, fuel line, blower pulley kit, bolt heads and prewired magneto)

    Linkage made from various photo etched parts and wire

     Same stuff on rear engine


    Andy Caldwell a.k.a. Florida_70Bee

  • The HHO slicks are not correct for the 67 version so I used the slicks from the Badman and T`rantlua kits. the HHO kit wheel popped in with a minium of trimming and the back sides are from several old MPC funny car kits.


    Andy Caldwell a.k.a. Florida_70Bee

  • So what did all this stuff look like when put together. I thought it turned out nice!) There are limitations with this kit however..


     Rear View

    Andy Caldwell a.k.a. Florida_70Bee

  • Another shot with the hood and trunk removed (I also added detail master hood pins and hood pin plates to both hood and trunk, and aluminum moon tanks)

    Andy Caldwell a.k.a. Florida_70Bee

  • Close up of finished front engine compartment (I also used a thin piece of clear plastic for the windshield) the 67 version of the HHO had no rear widow from the photos I saw )

     Close up of finished rear engine compartment

    Andy Caldwell a.k.a. Florida_70Bee

  • Finished underside (I had to do ALOT of masking and painting to get this right,, A MAJOR pain in the Toucas! ) to get the correct frame effect l had to add some very thin sheet plastic to the bottom of the interior tub to cover up the seat holessince there are visible when you cut away the panels on the bottom of the chassis.  One other thing I learned the Tamiya Gold looks great un-clear coated however oil from your skin will burnish it. So use care when working with it un-clear coated. When you clear it it changes it's tone slightly and you do not get the metal looking finish as un-cleared.

     Like I said before the kit has some serious limitations but can be built up into a nice replica. Anyway I hope you liked all the pictures!




    Andy Caldwell a.k.a. Florida_70Bee

  • looks good

  •  That's awesome, Rick!

    I recently sold one of those kits with the Linda Vaughn statue and autographed by Linda and the driver.  I probably sold it too cheap but the buyer offered no resistance.  He got a deal and he knew it. 

    The HHO website is very informative.  I felt sad when I found the car no longer existed, it should be in the Peterson Museum.


    If I spent as much time building as I do on the forum, I'd get a lot more done!
  • great build & good photography!!!Bow

    Never try to teach a pig to sing. It's a waste of time and it only annoys the pig.

  •  I have a coupe of these but after picking up a glued kit, I don't have the guts to attempt it. I know it has potential, but until your build didn't know how much.


    Thanks for sharing,



  • Andy, glad you decided to put this build on the forum. I have seen this model in person and I must say that Andy has done one super job on it, from the details down to the chassis re-work. I hope we can see more of your builds in the future as your are a very talented modeler.


    Pro Tech

  • I have concidered that type of build on my kit but every time I start to really dig in, I chicken out!

    Kind of glad I did after seeing what it takes to upgrade this kit. I will stick with an out of the box build on mine!

    Great job, looks like a trophy winner to me!