"RAPTOR" '57 Chevy Pro Mod

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"RAPTOR" '57 Chevy Pro Mod

  •  This is one that I just finished and I didn't do much to it except for making some new wheelie wheels and the rear wing and some body wedge. I added some wiring and plumbing detail to the engine and painted it in Model Master paints and applied Slixx decals. Thanks for looking in!

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  • Awesome! I love the decals and the paint and wing look really good. Smile



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  • Great job.  Love the paint and graphics! Thumbs Up Thumbs Up  Did you make the decals yourself?  I need to find source so I can get some logos made for my 57.

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  • Man, I love this build!!!Thumbs Up Cool graphics and the black wheels was a good choise...looks mean!!!


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  •  Thanks guys! It was kind of a toss up on using the black wheels at first but I stuck with my guns and used them. I wanted as much black on this car as possible to give it a "sinister" type of look and I think the black wheels did the trick. All the decals on the car are from Slixx including the Raptor decal on the door and it came out of the Richie Stevens MOPAR decal set. The red tears or slashes are painted on and its covered in 5 or 6 coats of MM clear.

  • has the look of a modern race car.  spoiler is correct for the type, black wheels very common these days.  one thing, not your doing, this *** thing is too short.  if that car was real it would be a handful and a half to drive.  too much horsepower, too much barn door body, not enough wheelbase....but hell, it would be a blast to watch.......

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  •  Very nice! Great colours throughout!

  • Hi,

    Looks like a nicely built nasty '57 pro mod. 

    I've been wondering about using one of these Revell kits as basis for one of the '57 pro mods here in Europe and the way yours has come out is promising.  The car I am thinking of has a blower - they definitely add to the wild pro mod look and their whine adds to the aural delights!



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  •  WOW excellent paint job and the engine bay is awesome!

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