charles carpenter extreme pro mod (ride height mock-up)

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charles carpenter extreme pro mod (ride height mock-up)

  • ok I think everybdy has to do an extreme build just to get it out of there systems .lol well I am doing this it's a shoebox chevy (I'm not telling year)that I will try and build to the best of my ability.enjoy and check back lots its going to get real scary
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  • Well if you're not telling, I'm not there. LOL Seriously, good luck. Looks like you're off to a great start. What are you using? Looks like styrrene. Is it strong enough. I would almost think it would be too flexible. I know the 1:8 scale guys use brass rod soldered together. They say that a plastic frame that size bends under it's own weight. I've seen pics of some of their work on gassers, altereds and sprint car models in 1:8. They're pretty awesome. Between the metal frames and all the sheet metal and resin casting it's a wonder they aren't fabbing real cars instead.
  • its evergreen and for the time I have been building them they are very strong I have dropprd them kicked them and for the most part take the abuse lol.its funny that they dont flex as much as you would think if there built the way that the 1:1 cars are they act like them to when you flex them .I do brass too and they turn out great but heavy when finished also .


  • ok making progress at a good pace and all is well lol.ok this will be a 55 but not just any 55 charlie carpenters 55 I love that car looks so angry lol.
  • Thumper I like that particular car too but you and I must be the only two who do. No one else has posted to this thread. That chassis looks real. Keep up the great work, I'll keep following along.
  • lol must be
  • Which body are you going to use? This one, maybe?

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  • nice 55
  • that be the one
  • sweet!
  • man.....that cage work looks intense, and that 55 body looks hot, cant wait to see this one go together
  • Great frame work.
  • Just amazing! Keep us posted. on the bench...K. S. Pittmans 33 Willys Gasser. Miss Deal Studebaker F/C.
  • thanks guys more updates coming very soon . keep checkin back