Bob Glidden's Pro Stock Motorcraft Thunderbird

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Bob Glidden's Pro Stock Motorcraft Thunderbird

  • The old Revell kit from the late 80's. I've wanted to build this one for a while....

    Finished in Tamiya TS-8 Italian Red and TS-26 White.

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  • That looks great, you got any engine or chassis shots?

    On the bench, under dust.........1/8 scale model T hot rod (fabrication), 1/16 scale shelby cobra 427 (final paint/detail work[body paint soon]assembly), 1/25 scale 1955 corvette ZR-1 (fabrication).

  • Love It!,  great build

  • Nice work on the T-Bird. One of my favorites from that era.

    Power matters in the straights.
    Lightness matters everywhere. - Colin Chapman


  • I always wanted to build that kit and never got around to it. You did a great job and may have even inspired me to get in gear!


  • Great build. I have pics somewhere from back when he drove that T bird that he autographed.

  • Really nice,,dig the display case also.

  • nice example! i always loved that kit
  • Very nice

    I've been looking at this kit in my cupboard.

    Did you have any trouble with the decals / age?

    Looks like you did a smashing job !

  • Thanks!

    To my surprise, the decals were still pretty good, and not very yellowed. The adhesive needed some help in some places though. I usually glue the ends of decals that wrap around the wheel openings/bumpers anyways.

  • Nice Job ,,. I just got the reissue. you should see the decals in the reissue they are awesome

  • I had no idea there was a reissue!

    Probably could've gotten that cheaper! LOL!

  • Yup Just came out not to long ago .  the pro stock Camaro is also out now.

    I even scored the 85 square headlight T-bird at a show for 15  bucks.

  • here is the Camaro