1961 Nascar Ford Convertible

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1961 Nascar Ford Convertible





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  • Another beautiful build, Texwardfan!  Would I be correct in assuming that this started-out as the AMT/Ertl/Round2 '61 Galaxie kit, with the roof removed and converted into a Nascar race car?

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  • Great work and thanks for sharing.

    With the upcoming 1961 Pontiac, we are blessed with an abundance of pre 1970's subjects that can be made into NASCAR racers.

  • Thank you for this one Tex, it brings back some great memories!  I built one of these some years back and I stepped on it during a move.  All I salvaged was the tires.  This one looks great so keep it in an iron display box to be safe!  Nice work, Tex.  I like it.   Glooz

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  • Yes, you are correct sir. This kit has no engine so you dont have to mess with it.

  • Another great one!  Very cool indeed!

  • Wow!!! really well done  Thumbs Up



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  • i like this one also

  • Wow, I like that and that is when stock cars were stock cars right out of the showroom. Not like today where all the cars are "cookie cutter" cars and only look different because of their graphics.

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  • Love the rope detail so the driver could check his right front tire wear.   Those were truly the great days of Nascar.  IMHO it's on about the same level as WWE these days.