Memory issue- old scale model Rail Dragster

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Memory issue- old scale model Rail Dragster

  • HI All

    I'm trying to remember the name of this model kit from the late 50's/early 60's. It was one oft those kits (AMT?) that featured several versions you could do. It was an early rail dragster. The distinctive thing about it was that it was PURPLE. 

    Anyone remember more details? Google isn't helping.

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  • Without pictures I have no idea. Could you be talking about the Monogram "Sizzler " kit? Richard

  • Mike, I dont remember an AMT early rail in purple.  Oldcars might be on the mark.  I can remember seeing some Sizzlers in different colors.  Keep digging, you'll find it.  Glooz

    What, Me Worry ?  " Cheating won't make you a winner, but it makes the odds better."    Midwest short track racer.

  • Thanks for the responses, guys! The Sizzler kit was awesome, but it wasn't that.  The front wheels had an  interesting approach to spokes; they were clear and you were supposed to paint the spokes in over the raised pattern.  

  • Mike, you got me to thinking.  The Sizzler original kit or customizing dragster as Monogram called it from 1961 or so had a purple version on the box art.  I am sure the front wheels were clear and you had to paint the spokes.  If there was another version of that, maybe one of the other guys can remember.  There were the old Hawk kits from around '60 called the Slinger and Peeler IV and maybe one other but I think the wheels were moon disc.  Are you sure it wasnt the Sizzler Customizing Dragster kit?   Glooz

    What, Me Worry ?  " Cheating won't make you a winner, but it makes the odds better."    Midwest short track racer.

  • The Sizzler is the only one I can recall that had the clear wheels. Is this what youre thinking of?

  • I've been thinking about this an maybe that was it.  My memory had put the purple one prominently in front.

    I may buy one of these anyway as a part of my second childhood campaign.

  • Buy one, Mike.  I think you will enjoy the memories.   Glooz

    What, Me Worry ?  " Cheating won't make you a winner, but it makes the odds better."    Midwest short track racer.

  • He's thinking about the AMT Double Dragster kit

  • Nope. Had that one too. I never saw any of those Bantam bodies here on the West Coast at the real drags.   Probably by the time I could coordinate rides to Lions and Irwindale they were long gone.

  • The double dragster never had clear wheels. The Sizzler comes up often on ebay, but even glue bombs missing lots of parts get close to $100.

  • Wow. That price is incredible! Just saw a "buy it now" price of $85.  An empty box was $ 33!!! Is this some form of collecting Idon't know? Unbuilt kits?

  • Yup, saw that $85 one, heart skipped a beat, then saw how bad off it was. Ive seen these go for $300 or more, in vintage condition. Its probably my number one "grail", but unless I inherit my friends estate, too rich for me!

  • Boy, wouldn't it be great if Revellogram reverse engineered this one?  I'd buy that sucker in a hearbeat.

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  • the power of Boomers demand strikes again.  Maybe there's a trove of like 100 somewhere in storage.