66 Fairlane Pro Stock (3new pics engine,trunk& chassis)

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66 Fairlane Pro Stock (3new pics engine,trunk& chassis)

  • this is my best model to date.i did a lot of work to this one.scratch building and so forth. working rack and pinion,opening doors that snap on and off,all windows are clear acetate.got my first best engine award with this one. the paint is color shifting that i have never been able to capture in a pic.
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  • thats amazing! i'm loving it! you have me drooling here.
    i'm sure thats a winner, both on the strip and on the model car contests! Big SmileThumbs Up
  • Holy Censored that's awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Roger, that Ford is Awesome! If I re-classify that car as a SS/ Modified will you bring it over to the Super Stock CBP in the Muscle Car section? Please, show us more!
  • Now that is one BAD drag car!
  • Very nice work Roger. It just looks right.

    How about a shot of the engine bay if possible?
  • awesome car Roger, any engine pics.
  • Roger, great work. Now go give yourself a big pat on the back.

    Hockey players wear numbers because, they cannot always be identified by dental records. Lets go Red Wings!!

  • That thing is sweet. Incredible work.
  • Nice one Roger
  • Nice looking Ford Roger. What engine did you use?
  • That is one awesome Ford! Can you give us some more details?
  • thanx for the comments! the chassis is from a pro stock t-bird modified to fit the body as is the engine and hood scoop.i'll get some pics of it soon.scratch built dzus receptacles for hood and trunk.scratch built door jams,flipped the inner door and quarter panels over,foiled and sanded them.the doors snap on and off.everything is wired.scratch built 5 point harness.drag chute cable is ran from handle to chute.grille is opened.photoetch dzus fasteners.that's about all i can think of right now.it's been a while sicne i finished it.
  • Nice wheels!Big Smile
  • Very nice build and a great subject. At the drag strip were I run there is a solid white one that looks just like it. Same stance, 460 engine. It runs 9.00's all motor.