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1970 Penske SCCA Trans Am Javelins - a pair of projects...

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1970 Penske SCCA Trans Am Javelins - a pair of projects...
Posted by Swede70 on Thursday, February 16, 2012 4:26 PM


There have been some extraordinary SCCA Trans Am models in scale seen in recent years (i.e. Matt V's terrific Swede Savage AAR 'Cuda and Dave T's beautiful '72 RWR Javelin among others), while I hope to press ahead if you will with a pair of projects that might seem worthy.  Two '70 Javelins are being attempted, with one a stripped down project devoid of more ambitious elements present on the original project which I'll discuss below in brief.  Quite sad, for no completed plastic projects call my shelves home...

For those who might guess, I'm trying to unstick myself as a builder, whereas my sad practice is usually to fab stuff without end to produce neat, albeit strictly underground results.  Across the last few days I filled a Jo-Han AMC engine with clay, cast the block to eliminate the axle hole running through it thereby, and filed off the block walls in anticipation of redoing the freeze plug detail so as to better replicate a late engine.  I'm running SC/Rambler heads, and may try to do D-ports and cast these too.  I tend to get lost in obscure aspects of what in deemed needed, and hence matters seem not to develop when viewed from without.

The original project is intended to replicate a late-season Mark Donohue ride incorporating Rebel Machine front suspension, SC/Rambler axle hump, Model 20 AMC rear from an early issue Jo-Han funny car (really - with keyed axles!), a fabbed up Racemark seat, resin wheels cobbled up from what I felt was best, and very much more.   Almost too much for my skill set, hence deserved chuckles endured for never being finished.  I try too much, whereas finishing anything is very much a discipline and for those so-directed I cannot fail to register my respect.  This is an old and oft-seen image, hence things have changed since.  Tires a bit tiny up front, whereas fatter AMT Matador NASCAR tires have been substituted since this image was taken.  Yes, we see here an old Mini Exotics/Jimmy Flintstone shell - and how lovely it is.  Early spoiler already gone versus pictures, Perry's Resin front tires to be substituted as well. 

My new project effectively made possible by large spares reserves.  Like above, has Mini Exotics/Jimmy Flintstone shell w/flares, but with largely stock (yuck!) chassis plate, although what can be cast and stolen from the above will be...  An early season Peter Revson mount with the less elaborate racing seat, earlier tires, the same resin Minilites used above, and earlier refueling inlets on either sides of the quarter panels.   New image, blinding for white on white doesn't afford much contrast.  That awful stock cage will go, whereas the top car is fitted out with a scratchbuilt cage that suits it well.  Rear spoiler refuel entry already plugged, hence that aspect has been seen to. 

I hope very much to make discreet updates here, but also know that in total it may not amount to much.  Questions and comments invited - I very much like period SCCA Trans Am and collect materials in-depth.  

Mike K. / SE Michigan

Mike Kotwick
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Posted by F1 Starr on Monday, February 20, 2012 6:37 PM

Interesting subject, I will follow your w.i.p. Thumbs Up


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Posted by Snake45 on Monday, February 20, 2012 8:20 PM

I'll be watching too. Couple years ago I bought a resin Javelin body that turned out to be a Flintstone with the Trans-am flared fenders. Been wondering what to do with it.

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Posted by Swede70 on Wednesday, February 22, 2012 9:25 AM

Thanks for the interest,

Included here is a snippet of the underhood work on the Donohue Javelin (versus the Revson Javelin) depicting the fabricated 4BBL low-profile air filter housing and suggesting some of the Rebel Machine structure employed on the front of this example.  Much of the suspension turret work on this model stands to be redone, whereas note no structure at all sprouting from the fenders to mate up to the material begging to meet it at this particular point.  One can also see a bit of rollcage outrigger detail coming forward, some fluid reserviors, as well as the laydown radiator mounted not unlike what might be seen in a period Corvette. 

A lot of work here, and yet not quite close to anything to final finish for all that said.  It is easy to understand how the Revson Javelin came to be for inspecting this, for reaching a bit too far tends to bring matters not quite to a halt, but surely not the point whereby I can stand back and confidently display so much at shows. 

Nevertheless, most aspects of the Donohue Javelin that were laboriously fabricated have now been cast to provide duplicates for employment on the Revson Javelin, with these including the filled block sans holes through the sides, the air cleaner housing witnessed, a Jo-Han Superbird oil cooler, a continous flange intake versus what Jo-Han provides, an Aviad design oil sump, the fuel cell housing, SC/Rambler heads w/mods., and interior panelwork.  Tedious, but refreshing when done all in 'one go'. 

Very fearful the door handle detail will be lost under paint, hence spare shell employed to cut same out and finish and affix post-paintwork.  Rear spoiler in three parts, with late Javelin ends so the base of each end comes down a bit near the edges of the tailight clusters, while the center is radiused around the lock cylinder as it ought - or at least on the earlys-season Revson ride!   These are old photos and things have changed...

Minilites combine original Jo-Han spiders with MPC Kit Car Dart wheel rim outers - best I could do and better I believe then what has been seen on the aftermarket.  Four lugs, shaped and drilled out on ends, aluminum hub guides - or whatever they are called!  Tires being cobbled up at present as well, with Jo-Han earlier NASCAR sidewalls mated to MPC NASCAR indent-treaded racing tire 'tread', with allowances made to reduce the diameter for the fronts, and the sidewalls for them as yet undetermined.  Thanks for the kind interest...

Mike K.

Mike Kotwick
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    April, 2012
Posted by IMSANUT on Saturday, April 07, 2012 10:07 AM

Nice projects. I managed to get a complete 70 TA kit with white metal bits for the roll cage. Motor Racing Replica News, a long defunct modeling magazine did a great article on this car as well as the 71 car. Johan's 71 car is a good start for most of the interior bits. I have one to build, but it has the 72 body with the wrong taillights. Actually, I have almost a complete stable of T/A cars to build from thate 1970 season.



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    May, 2007
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Posted by Swede70 on Thursday, May 24, 2012 8:53 AM

Thanks for the kind words.  The darker resin shell is one of those 1995ish complete kits with the white metal roll cage and assorted bits that you have in turn, whereas the lighter resin body was purchased much later for much less (perhaps $70 as a complete kit of sorts versus $12 for the body, hood and bumpers if I recall correctly).  Some day I'd like to do the later cars, maybe the RWR/ARA '71 season car or cars for no one seems as yet to have tried it.  Worried about the roof, and maybe in no great hurry for another builder turned out a very fine '72 season ride so perhaps I feel 'it's been done'.  Have both MRRN news issues ('70 and '71 iterations), whereas perhaps search up and down within the Trans Am subpage and search for period articles - many things there and far more Javelin material than might be suspected.  Kind regards...

Interior photograph, late '70 with Racemark seat, albeit missing a few tubes to the cage and such:

Mike K.

Mike Kotwick
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Posted by surfnut on Sunday, May 27, 2012 8:02 PM

Great subjects. Really nice work.Can't wait to see them in paint.


Classic Plastic Model Club.  Always watching for waves


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