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NASCAR scratchbuilt / blueprints

  • Hello gentlmen,

    I am preparing stock car scratchbuilt, so I am looking for some blueprints, technical drawings, plans ...etc. Can anyone help?


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  • Good Book, Anatomy of a stock car. Don't have the publication information handy, but it has history and detail information. There's a lot of people with a lot of information about this subject. Hit the web for a specific car. Glenn Conigliaro
  • Here's a decent link that might be of interest.
    Didn't find anything really specific.
  • Nice reference Matt, Thanks. Glenn Conigliaro
  • Your welcom, hope it was in the neighborhood of what you are looking for.Smile
  • The Trickle fan site is a good reference. You can go to and type in anatomy of a race car and it should pull up some pretty good stuff for you. Hope this helps.