BMW 320i Pro Street!

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BMW 320i Pro Street!

  • I had this model sitting on my shelf for quite some time. I was looking at it one day and had an idea! Here is my inspiration pic and the mock-up.

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  • I did a little work on the body as you can see, by widening the rear wheel wells. Now I'm off to work on the interior.


     Nice start and good inspiration.

  • I started the interior by reworking the front of the bucket, adding a larger tunnel and new fire wall. The two holes behind the front seats are where I sanded the bottom flat. I have to fill them.

  • Now onto  the rear  tubs.  I started by cutting away every thing I didn't need!  Then started to rebuild. No need for a back seat in this one!

  • Finished up making the rear tubs. Notice he resin color. I cut up a resin interior bucket from the parts box for the pieces I needed. I just have to do a little filling in the joints to finish it off. Then it's onto the 392 blown Hemi!

  • Very cool unusual subject. Mockup looks great.

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  • Thanks Ace.  I appreciate the comments. I've seen alot of Chevys, Fords, and Dodges  pro streeted. I  thought it would be cool do a Beemer! The interior is taking a little longer than I thought. Hopefuly I'll be onto the motor and drivetrain soon.



  • Unusual idea indeed....but very cool. I can't wait to see it put together. Thumbs Up



  • Hi,

    Your build looks like its progressing very well and the topic is different so the model will stand out from the crowd.  Here in England you see lots of different cas made into drag cars at teh strips so I've seen quite a few good subjects but finding the time to do one is difficult.

    Looking forward to seeing more of your build.



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  • I love builds like this....awesome! i will be watching this one closely

  • Thanks allot guys. I'm glad you like it so far. I should get some more work done on it today. I designed the frame at work with a cad program and a 3D printer (yes I cheat!) The frame needs some mods yet but I've been off of work for the holidays. This week I shoud have the frame done and start the mock up with the motor. Thanks again.



  • Very cool idea man.  The real one is wild, hope to see more pics soonThumbs Up

  • Hey everyone. Good news is I was able to run my new frame at work today. Bad news is, as you can tell in the pic, I had to modify it right away. I had a dimension wrong on the length on the front part of the nose. I also have to move the front body mounts forward a little bit as you'll see in the pics to come.

    I'll be adding more braces and mounts to the frame as I go along with mocking up the motor and trans.

  • I also finished up the interior bucket. Maybe just a little more fine tuning with some filler here and there but carpet should cover the rest.



    Bottom of the interior bucket still needs a little smoothing. Funny how a coat of prime brings things out.