'70 Firebird pro touring

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'70 Firebird pro touring

  • i just finished this project up, enjoy the picsWink



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  • Wow dave!  that is one awesome firebird.  I love your choice of the gold wheels.  Is the hood resin?  I think the scoop is a little large but it looks great anyway.  Where did that shifter come from?  I want one. Tongue


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  • Very nice and clean build. Not by style of car (too new), but this is a great looking car.

  • Dave, I like it a lot, great execution, clean build, excellent detail and it's believable too Thumbs Up

    The only c.c. I will give is that the rear looks a little strange without the bumper, looks too much like something is missing. Not bashin', just my opinion Smile

    Toss that stupid diecast in the recycle bin and build something !

  • did that shifter come with the kit or is that an aftermarket part. if so, where did you buy it. thanks for any help and great build

  • Nice Job Clean Build !

    I do it for the love of the cars.Captain

  • That engine bay is elegantly simple.  I personally like the rear of the car. Its a very different Firebird for sure

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  •  Dave,

    I love to see your builds. They are simple, yet detailed perfectly enough to add that "wow" factor! As with all your builds i have viewed, this one is so clean. I love it!

  • thanks for the compliments everyone.

    the shifter is from a Tamiya JTCC Primera, i thought it looked cool and would be an interesting piece to use instead of the stock one. the hood scoop is resin and it is probably too tall but that's the way i like them. i'm not really into the 2" cowl induction scoops, i just like them tall.

    the rear bumper on this kit is pretty bad. first thing is that it's too wide and hangs out on the sides instead of hugging the quarter panels tightly like the 1:1 car. then it was covered in flash that after i got it all removed requires the bumper to be replated or painted. i just decided to leave it off and go that direction instead.



  • Wow Dave, that's an awesome build.  Nice job on everything, especially the shifter.  Clean and neat build, you make it look easy.


  • Nice!!! very clean too...
  • I love it, Dave - so smooth.  The wheels are a great choice and that engine is top-notch.  Awesome job!


  • beautiful car. the hood scoop and wheels really make it stand out. like the interior color something different.slusher


  • Wow, this is a pretty awesome Firebird. I always like a pony car in basic appliance white. Engine bay looks great, what did you use to simulate the Cool Flex(?)radiator hose? Looks really trick. The gold rims are a nice change from the norm and present very well with the car. I also like the exhaust configuration out back. As always the photography is spot on, the car looks great in full sun!

    Too bad you'll never get away with that cowl in the Commonwealth...