Collected Specs for Two Lane 55 Chevy

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Collected Specs for Two Lane 55 Chevy

  • Hi Everyone,

    I just finished re-watching Two Lane Blacktop and compiled a list of features about the 55 Chevy. I did this because I am currently scratch building one and needed to know the details. I did a lot of searching on the net but most photos were either black & white or not very close up.

    I hope this helps others in their quest to build this great car.




    Orange 427 Block
    Aluminum Heads
    Weiand Tunnel Ram
    2 Inline Mounted Holley Carbs
    Green Fiberglass Flex Fan
    Delco 10SI Alternator
    Chrome No Name Valve Covers
    Gray Sparkplug Wires
    Black Ribbed Radiator Hose
    Black Rubber Fuel Lines
    Chrome Radiator Cap
    Sheetmetal firewall
    Black Cowl
    Primer Gray with weathering streaks
    No windshield moldings
    Black rubber windshield gasket
    Homemade Hood Scoop Pop Riveted on
    Chrome Door Handles
    Chrome Front directionals
    American Daisy Rims
    Firestone Slicks, Extra pair in trunk
    Chrome trunk emblem
    White headliner with black trim
    Sun Super tach, Black on dash
    two fiberglass lowback front seats with vinyl covers
    Deist race harnesses
    Black door panels w/ chrome handles
    No back seat or rear firewall
    4-Point Roll Bar, Black
    13" Chrome Steering wheel with Black foam rim
    Drivers door opens from inside
    Black stock dash w/ radio
    Flip top gas tank filler in trunk floor
    Plexiglass Side windows, frt sliders, rear stationary
    Black tool box in trunk with extra tires
    Rusty rear view mirror
    4 speed Shifter w/white ball
    White fender dump headers
    Coilover front shocks
    tube front end with radius rods
    Tilt nose
    Fiberglass trunk lid, pinned
    Blue Lincoln Floor jack with yellow handle & wheels
    Rear disc brakes
    White shifter ball
    White shoe polish class number on windows, B/H1  156
    Rear Tires stick out beyond fender lip
    Rear wheel openings radiused for easy tire changes
    Chrome rear bumper, no front bumper
    Chrome grill and hood molding
    No side trim
    Gas door still visible
    If the only tool you have is a hammer, All your problems look like nails.
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  • I think it is mentioned  when they stop at a gas station that the engine is an LS6 454.

  • Don't forget...vent windows completely removed Smile

    Thanks for sharing all the details with us Thumbs Up.

    Toss that stupid diecast in the recycle bin and build something !

  • According to the Two Lane Blacktop Site, The race car was a 427 with aluminum heads. The stunt car and the interior shot car (which is the one the website is all about) were 454's. They just said 454 in the movie.

    If the only tool you have is a hammer, All your problems look like nails.
  • from the Feb, 99 issue of chevy high performance:
    "giant lift bars, a drop tube solid front axle, plexiglass windows that slide sideways, & a tunnel rammed rat motor with two 4 barrel carbs"

    "radiaused rear wheelwells, no back seat, & a fiberglass front end, doors & decklid"

    there wer 3 cars built for the movie, a camera car, an on camera car & a stunt car with a full cage, the on camera car was also repainted & used in american graffitti & in the pic the front bumper looks blacked out.

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  • The tilt nose wouldn't work with a front bumper. In the movie you can see there is no bumper just the front apron. Most racers take the bumper off to reduce weight for better weight transfer to the rear tires.

    If the only tool you have is a hammer, All your problems look like nails.
  •  I have these on my Fotki site:





    With their little roped off area that was the best I could get. It was a busy area for sure. Cool car.



    My Fotki page Full of car shows, my builds and some model contests.
  • I presume you know of this site?


    shows details of the restoration of the camera car.

  • Thanks for the link voyager. I would also add that modelhaus carries the American 200-S Daisy rims. I got a set on order.

    I should have some photos by next week showing the progress.

    If the only tool you have is a hammer, All your problems look like nails.

    A few more you should be aware of: The street tires were Firestone LeMans rain tires with yellow "Firestone" and a yellow ring(available from Replicas & Miniatures), the slicks were M & H Racemasters.

         The plexiglass windows in the driver's door were slid forward to open ina scene in the movie.

          There were disc brakes on the front end.

           The car had an Olds rear end with short ladder bars.

    The twolaneblacktop site has lots of good info as does the special anniversary edition of the movie which has a second dvd disc with lots of photos of the restoration of the camera car.

  •  I think the front wheels are 200-S ARE Daisy mags too aren't they?

    The gas door is still visible on the rear fender because the gas cap on the trunk floor was a fake and not connected to anything!

    In the original movie script The Girl decorates the rear of the interior with pin ups from magazines, some of the photos on set show various speed decals plastered across what appears to be a bulkhead where the rear seat back would have been. I'm not sure that all the cars had this because they appear to stow the race slicks into the trunk and rear seat area when the change the tyres early on in the film.

    If you want to be ultra authentic paint the body powder blue before covering in in primer, the cars were built as fully finished show quality machines only to have the paint primered over for that race car look.

    In an old copy of Street Rodder Pat Ganahl explains that Richard Ruth (who built the cars) took one out street racing before handing them over and made an easy $200.

    Can you tell I love this movie? Big Smile


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