"ZZ Top Eliminator" 33 Ford 3-Window Coupe

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"ZZ Top Eliminator" 33 Ford 3-Window Coupe

  • Heres another one of my long,lost projects that im slowly working on im not gonna do much on this one i'd just wanted to show everyone i'll keep ya'll updated on this build.


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  • Love the Eliminator too,

     Good job opening the doors. Waiting for updates

  • Hi,

    I've got one of these so I shall watch your build with interest.  I saw ZZ Top last night in concert - in my own home city of Wolverhampton, England!!  They've still got it and they played a good mix of their stuff plus one or two others (e.g. Hendrix's Foxy Lady).  They had clips of the Eliminator coupe from the 80's videos playing in the back ground for Gimme all your lovin, Sharp Dressed Man and Legs.

    They actually built two coupes - Billy had a clone built that he used on the roads.  There are some other clones around as well.  It depends how fussy you want to be with your build - I plan to use stills from a DVD of the videos when I build mine.

    If you've opened the doors on your model I'd say you were planning to do a lot with the build!

    Keep us posted,


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