Ian Roussel's 1929 Ford Roadster P/U "Long Shanxxx"

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Ian Roussel's 1929 Ford Roadster P/U "Long Shanxxx"


    Just so you get an idea, i will post pics of my progress, got a little bit started mostly just gathering parts and test fitting. gonna be fun. I have a full length DVD of this build so i plan on making it 100% correct as i can.

    I put the FUN in Funeral
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  • nice!! i'll be keeping an eye on this one

  • So lets see it!!!!!!!!!!!!


    HURRY!!!!!!!Smile,Wink, & Grin

    HANG UP AND DRIVE........ Mike

  • I have that DVD as well.  Very fun to watch.  Will make a great subject for a scale build.  Can't wait to see it.

  • OOOHHHHHHHH, I like...  Never seen this one before, but it's a nice build and will be a great project.  Post a lot of your build please.

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  • Wow!  I will be following this one.  It's great that you are going to do it as close as  possible to the real one. Those radius rods will be a real challenge.  I imagine you will have to scratchbuild them. That will be fun to follow.

     I had never seen this P/U before either.  Putting the front and rear axles so far apart is really cool. 

    I am old and feeble, with poor eyesight. Is that a Ford FE engine? Confused

    I Googled Ian Roussel, and saw  this little shortened car.

    I have been collecting 1/25th scale kits and parts, to build hot rods and vintage dragsters.  I am not sure if I have the body of this one, but I am definitely going to build something like this car.

    And as MikeMc said, please post pics as soon as you can.  I think seeing the earliest stages of building would be a lot of fun.  I would like to see some of the fitting and mockups, etc.





  • Well i got rushed and didnt build the radius rods the same, and i was low on funds to get styrene, maybe in a week or so i will pick some up and redo this.

    the only major difference, my headers come out farther, and the radius rods. i left teh picture at work so built most of this without a reference pic, thats why the engine is ford blue instead of red. haha enjoy

    I put the FUN in Funeral
  •  I Emailed pictures of this car to Ian Roussel, and he asked to buy it from me! so i think im shipping it to Cali

    I put the FUN in Funeral
  • cool ride,,, looks great...wish I could get paid doing what I love! 

  • Nice looking rod! Came out cherry!

     If it was a replica of my car I would want it toThumbs Up

  • VERY COOL build Vegas13 ! That is one of my favorite DVDs, Ian Roussel is a true artist and visionary ! You did a great job building his pick/up in scale-and I can see why he would like to have a repllica of his 1:1 build. I've been collecting parts to build " Billys Chop Shop " coupe, and only hope it comes out as nice as yours.VIVA LAS VEGAS !

  • hahaha Fatso i love billy's ride, made me wanna do a red rat. im in process of building 2 other of Ian's Creations. and my name is in no way associated with SIn City. its actually oxymoronic, and there is a long story behind it


    I put the FUN in Funeral
  • Had to watch the DVD again after seeing your build ! VIVA LAS VEGAS is the car show where the "Rat Rods" Go..........

  • ohhh hahaha now i remember, there is 2 of that DVD and the one to get is the Full build on that ride.

    If you are up on Ian Roussel, im also building Space Junkie and Zephyr at the moment

    I put the FUN in Funeral