1934 Ford Pick Up Rat Rod (One of my best)

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1934 Ford Pick Up Rat Rod (One of my best)

  • So i was model Hunting on ebay, and came across a realy old Lindberg 34 ford kit, and nabbed it.

    The molding was horrid and it was in skin colored plastic. so i used basically only the body from this kit.

    Made a custom frame out of the frame rails of a 55 chevy truck.

    Marked for chopping, the parts in the bed are the only parts from the kit i used, the rest is from the parts box.

    Laid on frame. Made me realize the bed is too long.


    The Floor with 66 Chevelle seats. I ended up scraping the floor and made a custom one.


    All finished. Beer Keg gas tank, Wrench and Plier door handles.

    The Rat Bastards is a Car Club Me and my boss started with a few friends, for real cars, but i had to throw it on there.

    Ford Flathead V8 with the ARDUN OHV conversion

    Tool Box and battery located in the bed, i had a cover but chose not to use it


    Questions, Comments?

    i think this is one of my best

    I put the FUN in Funeral
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  • I'm not huge on rat rods... some are OK.  I love your rendition!  very cool.


  • Hey nice job on your rat. Keep up the good work..

    (I Love It When A Plan Comes Together) Hannibal Smith.


  • thanks alot guys, i got another rat that im gathering parts and ideas for.

    I put the FUN in Funeral
  •  Ratty!

  • that is a cool truck, i really dig the look, and the keg tank is just too cool! sweetness.

  • One cool truck! I really like the beer keg gas tank. I am planning on doing that on a 40 ford pick up i am building.

    PROJECTS: 78 Dodge Pickup-"HEMI EXPRESS", 69 SINISTER BEE, RAM VTS Pickup, Chrysler 300C HEMI, 70 "SHAKER" 340 Challenger

  • haha i want to get into casting so i dont have to rob parts. i stole teh engine from another project, along with seats and the grill. thank you all

    I put the FUN in Funeral
  • I am sort of picky. I like clean fresh cars, and generally don't care for Rat Rods, but I really like this one!  I love the floorless bed, so we can the detail.  The doors handles are really trick!  Why hasn't anybody done this on a 1:1 rod?  I agree. This is a top notch build.  Keep it up!!!



  • Mike on my 1:1 i have alot of really trick things, like a screwdriver door hinge, bartap oil drain,, Vice grip window cranks and a smashed coke can for a gas pedal. thats no where near finished though. maybe one day hahaha,

    alot of 1:1 rat guys do clever things like that, take a walk on the rusty side Mike

    I put the FUN in Funeral
  • Wow! a crazy coincidence, or is the Rat Fink controlling my destiny?  Right after I read your reply, I bought the August, 2009 "Street Rodder" magazine.  When I got home, I glanced at the article about the cover car. It's a '27 Ford Tub, and at first, I thought it was painted with a flat (matte) color. I guess I need new glasses or eyes, because after looking closer, I found the paint is glossy.  But, when I still thought it was a rat rod, I realized I have the parts to build a model which would be very similar to this car.  So, what I plan to do, is build the model, with a Blueprinter Parts Pack 421 Pontiac.  Now, here is the twist. I will paint everything the same way as the 1:1 car, but I will use FLAT paint.  I know this would be a border-line rat rod, because the real car uses conventional materials and components.  But, I think it will be a good way to "get my feet wet, (and rusty Big Smile  )  It will be a while before I build this one, as my To Do list is already overflowing. But, I like your RRod, (did I just invent a clever way to say"rat rod"?) and the Street Rodder car, enough that I might have to rearrange my list.

    Anyway, I am going to keep tabs on your future posts, so keep them coming!



  •  well mike i try do do at least 2 a week, to keep myself fresh. so i will post alot. and just being rusty doesnt make it a rat, for a rat, you usually just kitbash the hell out of it. which is one of my favorite things to do. like right now i could probably make 5 or so rats without spending a penny. thats what defines a rat rod. build your car with little to no money, and thats where the flat paint comes into play. you use flat paint because its 96 cents a can, and you spray it on whenever you feel  like. cost 5 bucks to paint some rides. and most Street Rodder cars have 5,000 dollar paint jobs. silly in my opinion, i can make 3 cars for 5 grand.

    I put the FUN in Funeral