53 F100 ideas please

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53 F100 ideas please

  • I've recently been given a few kits by a friend of mine who tried his hand at models which left me stripping all of them of orange peeled paint jobs. I plan to biuld most stock because most are customs anyhow like the Roth Outlaw and so on, but the only one I can't figure on what to do with is the AMT 53 F100.
    I flat out of ideas so anything thrown at me would be appreciated, the only mod so far is a '69 Camaro front susp. to lower it a bit. Thanks everyone Question
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  • I guess this is the flip nose kit. If it is, this is almost the same kit that I am currently working on. The kit that I have is a Revell 56 Ford F-100. I am chopping the top, tubbing the bed out, hinging the doors, etc. The goal is to make it into a pro modified truck. I am using the chassis from a Revell pontiac pro street j-2000 (Rick Dobbertins). I have been working on this for about 2 weeks progress is good so far.The top is chopped, bed is tubbed, and I have figured out how to attach the chassis.
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  • how about a modern engine/drivetrain/suspension and 18-20 inch wheels?
  • How about a tow vehicle? The edges of the purple aren't really ragged, the quality of my photo site isn't real good.

  • You could cut the top and do a wild paint design.

  • I just did an F-100 Pickup that is posted in this section just a few posts down from this one. Check that out, just another idea for yours.

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  • Certainly not to everyone's taste, but the chopped, channeled, slammed, big-wheel look, with the front fenders re-shaped, works for me.

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  • Not everyones "cup of tea" either, but here's my take.

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  • You know fellas, this guy who is now just "Anonymous" posted this nine years ago. It's awesome that people on this forum are so helpful, but I think it's a given that after all this time, since he's no longer a member here, he's not going to see any of your suggestions. Whistling

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  • Ace, what has come of this project? I would like to see this one surface again.

  • This looks like a good post for everyone to post their 53 pics.....

  • I'm not a fan of big wheels, but this is prettty nice!

    And for a more traditional look, just change out the wheels and tires. Note that they are both close to the same color and stance, but what a difference the rolling stock makes. Just make sure the front end is in the weeds! Big Smile