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AMT Gremlin x on my mind

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    November, 2017
AMT Gremlin x on my mind
Posted by Gluecipher on Monday, February 05, 2018 1:00 PM

 Hey, anyone have experience on Amt's Gremlin X?

Im mostly in to older hot rods but i have to get my mind clear of these exciting nightmares where a guy in a mullet and bad teeth, drives around in his loud, mean, poorly built but so dear and tasteless Gremlin,beer cans and panties all over backseat, speakers blasting Lynyrd Skynyrd, rear end jacked up, sidepipes and such...

-can the amt kit be good starter due to its part content?

-i was going to order also the amx javelin as it has good optional parts but...its 1/20Sad. ???

-any other amc/amx' kits easily available with 60-80's rad parts ? The amx sure was tempting with its blown engine..i recall seeing one that was somewhat like salts racer too? 

-can i post a pic of it here when its done if it has a confederate flag painted on it ?

-im not too picky on it, as long as its good fun to build, so atleast smaller inaccuracies dont matter me.

-i saw few days ago this movie "American Made" where one guy drove similar style Gremlin and its the one in top of this post.

If i cant build it to look like its from 70-80's, my alternative escape is to build it to this day. Like flat black,with un-matching bucket seats, Hank 3 or such logo on the hood...but no,nothing like pro-street cars. Just a mean cheap beater for a guy with some red on his neck.


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    March, 2017
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Posted by Spencer Mopar Fan on Monday, February 05, 2018 10:57 PM

You need serious counselling matey LMAO !! Don't worry , so do I . You should see Jay Leno's Garage new "Ring Bros. " car .... PHOAR !

I was told the other day that mullets are making a comeback . Damn that Stranger Things Show !!! 

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    November, 2017
Posted by Gluecipher on Tuesday, February 06, 2018 1:46 AM

Counselling ? Why....Stick out tongueBig Smile

Well,im on hold with 3 other cars that wait for proper parts,before i can continue them, and as they are all Rods, i figured out i could pull up a mucsle car but as i cant seem to find few kits to make one that would appeal to me ,i can but make this Gremlin, which has been haunting me, together with Pacer for yearsYeah

I find it very cool if it has a stubby wheelbase, mountain of iron under the hood,and tons of bad attitude,to go with the mullet and mud jug.



  Is that the one you were referring to?

Quite cool,never seen it before.

However thats done with big budget and my guy never even made it to high school to drop out from so he is working on 10 times smaller budget My 2 Cents

You might call the style...close to imported rice burners. Not cool Skylines but rusty Honda Civics trying to be Skylines so hard...and turn this Gremlin to look like it tries to look like some "real" muscle car,built with shoestring budget. Well,im opting for blown engine though...maybe thats where most of the budget went. And i dont even want to think of putting a fake blower on the engine since then i Will make the Gremlin roar in the wastelands.

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    December, 2003
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Posted by Bainford on Tuesday, February 06, 2018 10:35 AM

The AMT Gremlin should work well for your project. In recent years the Gremlin has been re-issued as a '74, '75, & '76. The '75 and '74 are nearly identical, but the '76 has some styling changes. Unfortunately there is little else available for AMC cars with period performance parts, aside from the Gremlin itself. JoHan produced some nice priod AMC cars, though they can be pricey these days. Many of them do not have a lot in the way of quality performance parts, though the basic engines have better overall appearance (look more like an AMC engine) than the AMT kit.

As for the confederate flag, the general rule of this forum is that the flag should not be visible in a photo, though things do seem to be loosening up around here a bit.

Perfection is achieved not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.
       - Antoine de Saint-Exepury


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    November, 2017
Posted by Gluecipher on Tuesday, February 06, 2018 12:38 PM

Thanks Bainford!

Yes, i'll make it from Gremlin as its the only v8 powered rear wheel driven car kit i can easily find. I cant hunt old rare kits from ebay or such, and the reason i am interested to use amt's kit is that it already includes some old style speed parts. For every part i need, i must buy a whole kit, even if i need just one part, so i love" 2-3 in 1" kits that offer as much useful parts as possible.

I had to ask about the flag as ive noticed its seemingly more often issue in USA, than in overseas and i dont want to post a pic that would be offending or such.


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