'63 Nova Gasser

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'63 Nova Gasser

  • I used the Trumpeter kit with the blown 427 from the Revellogram '39 Chevy and scratchbuilt suspension.

    It's the 21st Century. Where's my Jet Pack & Flying Car? On the bench - detritus mainly.

    Ninjas don't have pockets.

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  • Very NICE build Zenrat, love those gassers!!! Big Smile

    "If everything seems to be under control, then you're not going fast enough"...... Mario Andretti

  • Cool Zen, crazy stoopid gasser, like it!!

    Slow progress is better than no progress!

  • Really nice, this would be a cool street car too.

    Robert Lightsey

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  • Wow, I really like that! Possibly THE nicest early Nova I've ever seen!

    Recovering aircraft modeler. "I can see me bound and gagged

    Dragged behind the clownmobile...."

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  • looks real good! Thats a killer stance!

  • Thats cool. I didn't know Trumpeter made a hardtop version. I've always seen the convertable kits.

    If you can't find or afford to buy it, Build or make it yourself.


    On my bench: 57 Ford skyliner, 56 chevy gasser, 57 ford gasser, 2- 72 Novas , 69 nova, 54 chevy fieldcar, 61 Galaixe ,  63 Buick electra convertible..along with  a handfull of stalled builds I need to finish. Basicaly too many.

  • Man that ROCKS !!!!! very cool gasser/street freak love everything about it


    On the Bench :69 Daytona and trying my hand at resin casting parts


  • sweet late model 60's  gasser..

  • wow that's nice and that stance!!!! it doesn't have to be slammed to have "the stance"

  • That is a super Chevy II Gasser , Zen ! I love its "bundle-of-snakes" header tubes ; and that stance is perfect !

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  • Really dig it Fred! The MRC wheels fit it so well, and even those square shouldered M/T's look great here!

  • WOW, Thats an excellent build. Great stance,paint and wheels................Slusher


  • Thanks folks.

    The headers are from a Testors AMX modified to fit.

    The MRC wheels ARE great but I had been struggling to find a suitable use for the square tyres until I built this.

    It's the 21st Century. Where's my Jet Pack & Flying Car? On the bench - detritus mainly.

    Ninjas don't have pockets.

  • Awesome job on that Chevy II and I really like that two-toned paint job as well.

    High octane