1953 Ford Gasser

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1953 Ford Gasser

  • Hi

    I have finished this gasser, starting with the '53 Ford Victoria from Lindberg.

    There is only a stock version in the box, so I had to add some aftermarket parts to turn it into a gasser.

    The engine is a Ross Gibson Ford "drag engine", the gasser suspensions are resin items bought on eBay, the interior features bucket seats with belts & photoetched buckles. The wheels & tires come from my parts box. I had to modify the firewall to make room for the big gearbox, & the chassis for the big rear tires.

    The body has been painted Tamiya silver leaf. When dry, the lower body portion was painted with Testors clear blue, & the roof with Tamiya mica silver (all with spray cans). I then sanded & polished everything.

    Despite the mods, the assembly was relatively straightforward


    Thank you for looking, I hope that you enjoy.

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  • Looks like a killer Gasser nice job.

  • very very pretty  i love the old gasser class drag cars and the old shoebox class    you did a great job

    David V Davis

  • Good choice in a build and you did a great job! Thanks for sharing.


  • nice like the color engine bay looks cool aswell

  • WOW!~~~~~ thats is a sick gasser!!! great color

  • Any chance of some chassis pics ??


    Ya gotta stand for something or you'll fall for anything...........

  • Really sharp lookin' gasser and it would also look great posted under the: Even More Gas Coupes & Sedans thread in the Racecars/Sports cars section. Thanks for sharing.

    High octane

  • Thats a killer build.....very sharp......Slusher


  • I think this is the first time I've seen this kit modified like this. You did a super job detailing this. Love the color. My mom drove a 4 door '53 around for years when we were kids. Her car NEVER looked this cool!

     Cruising on empty, running into the sun...

  • Looks great !  Really nice detailing of the engine and interior and beautiful paint !

    I've never seen this kit built before and it looks pretty nice ,  I need to get one .


    A.K.A.  BOB.

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  • This one great looking Gasser

    The only easy day was yesterday.

  • Really nice work! Love this one

  •   Ya know whats cool about this beauty,,,,its NOT another CHEVY!!!!

    Lazyman, AKA Thread Killer

  • Ford....you did a great job on that Gasser conversion.  I've often wondered what the Lindberg '53 Ford would like in Gasser form.  Now I know the answer.  Congratulations.   TIM BOYD

    "Funman1712" is the board name for Scale Auto contributor Tim Boyd.