A "Little" '34 Ford For Fun !

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A "Little" '34 Ford For Fun !

  •  A while ago I got bored with what I was building so I did a little weekend project .

    I started with this . . .

    I chopped and channeled it , added some goodies from my parts box , and I got this !

    It was fun to build and only took a couple of days ! 


    A.K.A.  BOB.

    " In case of war all rivet counters will be shot ! " - Winston Churchill

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  • Now that looks fun!  NIce job T.O.

  • Way to go. Thats what you need for fun............

    (I Love It When A Plan Comes Together) Hannibal Smith.


  • I kept wondering why it looks out of proportion. Then I saw you used a 1/32nd kit with 1/25th parts. excellent work.

    If you can't find or afford to buy it, Build or make it yourself.


    On my bench: 57 Ford skyliner, 56 chevy gasser, 57 ford gasser, 2- 72 Novas , 69 nova, 54 chevy fieldcar, 61 Galaixe ,  63 Buick electra convertible..along with  a handfull of stalled builds I need to finish. Basicaly too many.

  • Wow...that thing would take off like a Saturn rocket going to the moon....nice idea


  • Beautiful build! Great idea & very well done. Love it!

    Classic Plastic Model Club.  Always watching for waves

  • Great build, It looks like it was a lot of fun

    Joe K.

  • AWSOME!Stick out tongue

  • Very cool. Love it!

    Power matters in the straights.
    Lightness matters everywhere. - Colin Chapman


  • Thanks everyone !   Not everyone likes these types of models but they are a lot of fun to build ,  and a nice change of pace .  If you have a smaller scale kit collecting dust this is a good way to relax and not worry about the details !


    A.K.A.  BOB.

    " In case of war all rivet counters will be shot ! " - Winston Churchill

  • Very kool!


  • Love it :D

    It has a bit of a claymation look to it, which is very appealing.

  • Cool.  It's like the zinger they should have made back when I was a kid.

  • Wow, way cool.

    Its only plastic until you add imagination! Michael

  • That is very cool! Love the eye's in the windscreen.