Monogram 1929 Ford Pick-up BLUE BEETLE

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Monogram 1929 Ford Pick-up BLUE BEETLE

  • Posted this in the "Where can I get" folder, but thought I also would post it here...

    Looking for a 60's vintage model. I know the older kits may be very hard to find but my search continues. I'm still hoping Monogram will re-release this kit.

    I'm looking for the Monogram 1929 Ford Pick-up BLUE BEETLE kit. I'm not looking for this kit to hold on to it and not building it, or for later selling it for profit.

    This was a very special kit for me as I grew up in the 60's era as a boy building models. (I'm now 52) This kit for me was one of my all time favorites. It just brings back great memories of that era and building models. I would love to have this kit to rebuild again and put it on my desk to always remember some great days of the past. I think some of you can relate how something simple as a favorite model kit from your childhood can put a warm feeling in you only another life long builder can understand.

    I found the kit (the only one I have ever seen so far) on ebay but it is a built kit . I'm looking for an unbuilt kit so I can have the pleasure of building it myself. Here is the link so you can see what I'm looking for.....

    Any info on this kit welcomed......a big thank you!
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  • This may sound like a silly answer, but....why not buy the built-up off Ebay then get a reissued kit for 10 bucks? That way you can build the kit, get the original accessories, and have the original box. Just a thought from a cheapskate Smile
  • Lee in Texas....Thank you for that great tip and idea. I did not know of the reissued kit out on the market. Sounds like a winner to me!

    Thank you!
  • Hey blkgnturbo,
    Your post could very well have been written by me! I too have the Blue Beetle as my holiest of "holy grails". It was my very favorite kit as a young kid along with the Monogram woodie from the same era. I thought that the scuba gear was so cool, and that '29 looked terrific in the blue plastic.
    If someone knows of this kit being re-issued, please let us know, but as far as I know, it is not currently available.
    I have bid on this kit when it shows up on ebay on rare occasions only to drop out when the bidding exceeds $200.
    Let's keep our fingers crossed and hope that it is eventually re-issued.
  • It was released a while ago, in the late 90s but it didnt have the scuba gear nor any of the other 'accessorys' the box has a pic of the model on it in yellow with black guards. Not a nice kit, the Revell 29 is much better.
  • Sure glad I kept my Monogram Blue Beetle model, probably built it 25 years ago, out of the box., and that is not normal for me. As Doc said it was re-released ,sort of. The newer kit (early iron series) is molded in yellow and does not have the wide whiltes or the scuba gear in the kit, you CAN convert this kit back with some parts searching. Original kits are now very expensive Good luck chasing one down.
  • There are two reissues on Ebay right now:
  • Lee,
    Thanks for the info.
    I suppose that I could replicate the Beetle using the Early Iron kit.
  • Wow to think I posted this way back on 23 Dec 2004. Almost 3 years later and I'm still in search and hoping for a new release of the Blue Beetle. E-Bay auctions of this kit are only frustrating to watch as prices of this kit soar out of sight. I e-mailed Revell/Monogram and begged for a release of this kit just a week ago. If I only had the white-wall tires/wheels I would try and put together the '29 Early Iron kit and paint it to look as close as I could to the Blue Beetle. I was looking for "Lil coffin" kit as it looks like it has the same white-walls/wheels but with no luck.....My search and hope continues.
  • Not familiar with the Blue Beetke version, but the first kit I ever built was the Monogram 29 Pickup. A crude kit by todays standards, but still one of my all time favorites. Good luck on your quest.
  • I'll have to disagree with the (above) Monogram '29 Pickup as being crude. I think it's a well molded kit even in today's standards. It is part of the Blue Beetle lineage, however the Cadillac engine, (later releases minus'ed the six carbs), wheels and tires, plus scuba (skin diving) gear and surfboards were never included.

    blkgnturbo, have you tried searching this forum? Several have the kit, and a handful of others have been hunting this one too! I originally signed up here because of the Blue Beetle I picked up (car only) and didn't know much about it at the time. At the time there were several others that were in the same position as you.

    It comes on from time to time on eBay, but by all means do not rush and think it's the only one. I've seen auctions close for under 30 bucks for a complete original! Most people won't know "Blue Beetle" as it was named so this plays into the mix. Other sellers (that sell estate buyouts) will list it as make and model only, i.e. 1929 Ford Pickup Hauler or something so you gotta take the extra time and crawl the listings. Don't go too specific on eBay's search, it's broken! You have to keep it a bit general. I go to the top of the model section and enter the entire line below:

    (1929, 29, Model A, truck, pickup, pick-up, hauler, blue beetle) Ford

    It will list about two 300 listings, a lot of not wanted stuff, but I sit there and crawl. Far easier than 200 PAGES of listings.

    Here's mines:

    Good Lookin! You find it

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  • What would it take to transform Monogram's '29 Ford kit into a Blue Beetle?
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  • Wheels and tires would be your main ingrediment... but aside from decals and the scuba gear and surfboard, you would need the following goodies:

    Wheels and Tires
    2 front, chrome reversed wheels with knock-off/spinners; a set of whitewall insert tires
    -- the front tires are common to Monogram's whitewall insert tires ('56 Ford
    2 rear, five spoke wheels with M&H Co. Racemaster Dragster 9.00 x 15 whitewall insert drag slicks

    A pair of Cadillac valve covers with "Cadillac" in script
    The engine block is the same as the Olds Mill found in other Monogram hot rod kits.

    The repopped kit has the correct panels but you need to get 2 bucket seats.

    Other bits:
    Tonneau cover
    '40 Ford drum brakes for the front and rear also needed.

    There might be more but this is from the top of my head.
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  • I forgot to mention the firewall is also slightly modified from the Original.
    The Lab: ZODC Garage My Photobucket & Projects
  • zodc, I shouldn't have said "crude" as this is one of my all time favorite kits. I think simplified (by todays standards) may be more what I was trying to say. Again, don't get me wrong, if they reissued this kit today I'd be one of the first in line to buy a few.